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6 Tips for Feeling Comfortable on Your Wedding Day

One of the most overlooked things on a wedding day that I hear time and time again from my couples is their comfort ! Now I get it, how can you know what you’ll be comfortable in on your wedding day if you’ve never been married before? Well, today on the blog we are going over my top six secrets for being comfortable on your wedding day.

Why You Need to Think About Your Comfort

One of my by far biggest regrets on my wedding day is not finding a dress that I felt comfortable enough to spend my whole day in. I LOVE this dress, like seriously, it is the most beautiful thing, and it made me feel so confident when I wasn’t moving in it. Once I got to my wedding day though and I spent actual time in the dress I realized that I might have made a mistake in not moving around in the dress before my wedding day.

Whether it be uncomfortable shoes, a dress that doesn’t fit quite right, or an upset stomach, here are six things you should be thinking about in order to be comfortable on your wedding day.

1. Your Wedding Attire

There are SO many beautiful options these days when it comes to wedding attire. When you go to the store and try on dresses, make sure to move around in your dress. Ask to walk around the store once or twice, do a little jiggy, and move around some. You’ll want to make sure you feel secure, you feel like you can move and that you’re comfortable enough that you could spend your whole wedding in the gear.

No matter what you decide to wear the day of your wedding, make sure that you order it early enough to get it altered to fit you perfectly. Then, when getting alterations done, do the same thing, ask to move around in your dress a bit, and raise any concerns you might have whether it's your waistband being a little too tight, or your dress slipping down as you walk.

2. A Second Pair of Shoes

A second pair of shoes is a MUST for any wedding day with a reception. Though tiny heels and dress shoes are pretty, they are not the most practical or comfortable shoes to wear throughout the entirety of your wedding, especially if you’re day will be longer than 6 hours. So many brides, grooms, and newlyweds are opting for comfortable shoes for their reception and I am ALL about it ! Check out some bridal sneakers, grooms sneakers, Crocs, and more !

3. Test Out Your Makeup a Few Months Before

The last thing you want on your wedding day is to have some sort of adverse reaction to a new makeup product ! Whatever you plan to use on your wedding day, make sure to try out the product ahead of time. Most hair and makeup artists will schedule a consultation where they will try out different products on you to make sure everything goes as planned.

If you plan to do your makeup on your own, make sure to test out all of your makeup products a couple of months before your wedding day. Try out different techniques and maybe even consider asking a friend to help you prep for your day.

4. Surround Yourself With People You’re Comfortable Around

Whether it's your wedding vendors or your family and friends, make sure you surround yourself with people you’re comfortable being yourself in front of. Remember as you’re planning, this is YOUR wedding day and you want to invite people that you want to celebrate with to your day ! This might mean having a more intimate guest list, or having a massive list of all your friends and family, ultimately that is up to you.

When it comes to choosing vendors, you’re going to want to choose ones that not only provide a great product but that you also get along with. I go over this in-depth in my blog post all about how to choose your wedding day vendors.

5. Temperature

Whether you’re getting married in Chicago in August or Kenosha in February, you need to make sure you’re prepared for whatever weather there will be on your wedding day.

When preparing for a wedding day that might call for warmer weather, you’re going to want to prepare for your wedding day similar to how you might prep yourself for a 5k on a hot day. Lots of fluids the week before. Make sure to eat solid meals in the days leading up to your wedding, and make sure to have some water near you at all times leading up to your wedding. ESPECIALLY if you’re planning to have alcohol throughout the day.

On the other side of things, if you’re prepping for a winter wedding day, you’ll want to prepare with more tangible items such as clothes or even some technology ! I always suggest purchasing these electric hand warmers to winter couples as they can be a lifesaver when it comes to the wedding day. If you want more tips on how to prep for a winter wedding, check out my blog post here ! Whatever the weather is like for your wedding make sure you prepare for it so you can be comfortable and enjoy yourself !

6. Play it Safe

As you’re leading up to your wedding day, you’re going to want to make sure you play it safe. The week or two before your wedding is NOT the time to try that new juice cleanse or the new pizza place down the street. Stick to foods you know, activities, you’re familiar with and avoid dangerous activities that could potentially have you end up in a cast or cause your body to have a negative reaction. Make sure to take things slow, get some rest and plan in some extra time to spend with your lover leading up to your wedding day doing things that you know and love.

Being comfortable on your wedding day is something I can't recommend enough. You'll have such a better experience overall and be able to focus on the things that matter rather than how much your feet ache ! Take these steps into consideration as you begin planning the details of your wedding day, and you'll be able to spend your wedding day, dancing and celebrating in comfort !


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