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Hi everyone! My name is Lauren Angela and I am a photographer in Southern Wisconsin. We just made the transition to Wisconsin life and I am loving it! I live with my Husband Jared - who is also my second shooter ;) and two cats: Lexi and Annie who are 3 years old!

I think the best way to describe me is the biggest balance between a 2009 scene kid, the little house on the prairie and your favorite grandma. Maybe a bit more fun grandma than the other two \_( ' . ' )_/

So here's the dealio (yes I said that), I am a laid back, free spirit, coffee and tea loving gal. I am the type of person who goes in their robe to the store because its fashion statement haha..maybe you've seen me? I am downright eccentric and I want to capture all the other weird, goofy, eccentric ass lovers and people like me!! If that sounds like you, or someone you'd get along with fill out the form, let's chat!

Meet Jared! My husband and amazing second shooter :)

Jared is a high school history teacher when he isn't behind the camera. Though he enjoys teaching, he has been surrounded by cameras since he was a baby. His dad is a professional medical photographer, so Jared always had a natural knack for taking the best shots!

Jared enjoys playing lots of video games, and reading really boring I mean...exciting non fiction history books! 

Together we really love playing any kind of game, board games, card cames and video games! We also love making charcuterie boards and having a nice quiet night in often :)

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