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5 Tips on How to Stay Warm for a Winter Photoshoot

Living in the Midwest we know that our winters are BRUTAL, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a winter photoshoot. Winter sessions can make for some incredible photos and they can actually be a lot of fun ! It’s important though to stay warm while we’re out in the elements, so grab your coziest blanket and check out my 5 tips for staying warm for your winter session.

Bride and groom walk in winter storm during wedding photoshoot

1. Keep Your Fingers Warm

When you’re outside for a while your hands and feet are typically first to go in terms of getting cold. Once they’re cold it makes it a lot harder to stay outside and stay motivated for your session, so let’s keep them warm. Electric Hand Warmers are so great to have for a winter photoshoot, and winter in general if we’re being honest. One or two of those in addition to wearing gloves in between shots or locations and your hands should be very happy. Make sure to wear shoes or winter wedding boots and socks to keep your feet warm, you can also use heat packs in your socks for a little more warmth and you should be set.

2. Layer Up During Your Breaks

Taking some breaks during your photoshoot to give yourselves a chance to warm up before heading back into the cold is key for a winter session. Have someone in your wedding party dressed warm and ready holding your coat or even a warm blanket. Take your snowy photos and take a couple of breaks periodically to warm up and pop back under your coat or blanket so you’re ready to hop back into the snow.

Bride fixes grooms boutonniere during winter wedding photoshoot

3. A Nice Warm Beverage

There’s nothing quite like hot cocoa or coffee on a cold winter day, so I highly recommend bringing some to your photoshoot. Something like a Yeti or other container that can keep your drink warm throughout your session is a definite plus. We can also bring a mug along to pour some into to use as a prop for your session !

4. A Toasty Hideaway

Finding a nice warm spot can really help keep you going for your winter photoshoot, especially if it’s on the longer side. If you’re planning a session in Milwaukee, stop for a drink at a nearby bar or coffee shop halfway through the session. This helps to break up your time in the cold and gives you a nice reset before you head back out into the elements.

5. Layers on Layers

Adding layers to your outfit can drastically change your comfort levels while out in the cold and make your winter photoshoot feel a lot less chilly. Wearing long underwear if you have it or things like yoga pants or a tight long sleeve shirt work great if your outfits allow for it. Otherwise layer up with a cute winter coat, a scarf or shawl, and a hat to keep yourself toasty. These don’t only keep you warm but can also add to your outfit !

Incorporating some cute winter attire into your session also can be so much fun! Break out your favorite retro puffer jacket, your sleek pea coat, or your go-to Redwing boots to play into the winter weather.

I LOVE my winter photoshoots, but I know how cold it can get in the Midwest especially in Wisconsin. Being prepared for your winter session means that you’ll be able to stay outside longer and keep your spirits high so that we can get you some wonderful winter photos. If that sounds up your alley check out my contact page so we can get to planning !

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