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Why You Should Book a Couples Session + 5 Bucket List Ideas

So you have your wedding photos, you get SO many photos of your kids as they grow up, but have you thought of booking a session for just you and your partner? I’m OBSESSED with couples sessions. They are the perfect date night for you and your partner and such an awesome way to take a break from the world and reconnect with one another. Keep reading to get a full breakdown of why you should consider a couples session as a date night this year!

What is a Couples Session?

A couples session essentially is exactly what it sounds like. You and your partner, working together with a photographer to create an experience/date night with the added bonus of getting some updated photos. They are SO MUCH FUN and such an awesome way to celebrate things like milestones, growth in your relationship and just because you want to have one!

Couple posing in nature for couples session

Why You Should Book a Couples Session

You’ve Grown

Life flies by and every season of life you go through changes as individuals and also as a couple. You’ll want to document these different milestones of life together as you grow and a couples session is the PERFECT way to do that. It’s so much fun to look back at your past photos together, it helps to see how far you’ve grown together and you get to reminisce on some of your favorite moments together !

You want to remember this season of life

Whether you’ve added a new puppy to your life together or moved into a new space, there are always new things, new changes that are impacting your life and your relationship. As you two grow old together you’ll love being able to look back on some of these moments together as you transition into new spaces or new roles in your relationship.

You’re looking for a new experience to share with one another

Photo sessions are such an awesome way to disconnect and reconnect. They act as almost a team building activity where you two actively plan everything that goes into them. Then once you are in your session you’ll need to work together to be present with one another so that you’ll get the best possible outcome from your session.

What should you do for your couples session?

Just as there is no wrong way to have a date night, there is no wrong way to have a couples session. Couples sessions should be created to reflect you and where you’re at in life right now. They can be adventurous out on one of your favorite hiking trails. You two could cozy up tucked into your brand new home. They can be glamorous all dressed up during your staycation to Chicago, or they can be as simple as you and your partner grabbing some snacks at your favorite restaurant. Whatever you guys are feeling, you can make it work as a couples session !

Couple about to kiss during downtown session

The Experience

For all of my couples sessions I work with my couples to create an awesome experience and I am with them every step of the way. My couples will inquire with me via my website and from there we will begin the planning process. We will get to know one another, brainstorm locations if you don’t have one in mind already and then work together to pick out your outfits and any other activities you want to incorporate. For inspiration on what to wear for your session check out my outfit guide here!

I love when we can incorporate some things that you love into your session whether you two frequently picnic in the park, or spend the weekends bike riding to the farmers market, there are so many unique options for your session.

My Bucket List Sessions

For my 2022 couples session Bucket List I wanted to choose places that were accessible to me that I have always wanted to have a session at but haven’t been able to yet. I also wanted to pick places that would work for an AWESOME date night. I am ALL about creating an awesome experience with my couples. All the locations below are aiming for a certain look or vibe for them, so the locations themselves are a little flexible. If one of these spots sounds up your alley fill out the contact form and let’s get planning!

1. Old Fashioned Diner Photo Shoot

Let’s stay out late and head to our favorite local diners ! Whether it be Augustinos, Portillos, Steak and Shake, Checkers Pancake House, or one of your personal favorites, let’s grab some of our favorite late night snacks and have a little date night for your couples session.

2. Drive in Dinner Session

ALL of the vintage vibes with these. Let’s channel our inner movie star and head to one of these cool old school vibe locations ! Bonus points if you have a convertible you’re wanting to show off. Super Dawg Drive In, Strats or a Sonic location would all work, and if you know of any locations near you we can look into those too. I LOVE the vintage feel of drive in diners, there’s something so cool and unique about them. The second you arrive I feel as if you travel back in time 40 years!

3. Wreck the Dress Photoshoot

Calling all adventure loving couples! Wanting a few more photos in your wedding gear at a super epic location? Let’s head out to some of the beautiful spots the midwest has to offer and take some portraits. Whether it be running on the beach at the Chicago Lakefront or exploring some of the beautiful paths on the Fox River let’s adventure around just the three of us and take some beautiful photos surrounded by nature.

Have another idea in mind for your “Wreck the dress” session? Think paint, swimming, food fights, or all of the above ! I am so ready to collaborate with you on your session !

4. Ice Cream Date

Specifically Frozen Custard Date Shoot (Andy’s). I am ALL about incorporating some sweet treats into your session and Andy’s has the BEST frozen custard. Not to mention the vintage vibes their location has are to die for. I feel like every town has their own hidden gem location for anyone with a sweet tooth so if you know of somewhere that fits this vibe near you let’s check it out for your couples session !

5. Rollerblading Rink Photos

Remember when we were kids and every once in a while you had a friend that would host their tenth birthday party at the roller rink? Well believe it or not, they still exist and they are popular again! Hidden Gems like Coachlight or Lombard Roller Rink would be the PERFECT spot for couples that love to skate together.

If you’re interested in a session like those listed above, head to my contact page and in the about me session mention my 2022 Bucket List to get more info on my Bucket List Rates ! Or if you have an idea for a couples session of your own I’d love to plan that out with you as well.

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