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Why should you have a pre-wedding session?

Prewedding Sessions have become increasingly popular for a few reasons!

  1. The day of your wedding gets super chaotic which can mean that you don't have a ton of time to take photos, especially if you aren't doing a first look. Having a pre-wedding session increases your time to take photos with your partner while also potentially utizliing a different location as your background.

  2. You can do a different location than what your wedding venue can offer you!

  3. You can also do a post wedding session, where you put your outfits back on after the wedding if you do not want to see your partner in their outfit before the wedding

  4. You can schedule multiple locations with a pre or post wedding session to capture different memories or places that mean alot to both of you.

  5. Pre or Post wedding sessions can be a great way to continue celebrating your love for each other and extending your wedding celebrations!

I am in favor of doing these sessions so the day of the wedding isnt as stressful. Adding another time to take photos allows for each couple to relax more on their wedding day and also be able to spend more time with their guests.


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