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Where to Take Wedding Photos in Wisconsin

That old saying the Midwest is best, is pretty true, especially when it comes to taking wedding photos. There are SO many beautiful and accessible places throughout the Midwest that make for great locations for your wedding day! And one of my favorite states in the Midwest for wedding photos is definitely Wisconsin. Though I may be biased especially because Wisconsin is now my home, there are so many beautiful places to take wedding photos in Wisconsin. We are going to take a look at some of my all time favorite places to take photos in Wisconsin.

My Fav Locations for Wedding Photos in Wisconsin

There is a TON of variety in the state of Wisconsin, so no matter where your wedding venue ends up being you’re sure to have some amazing locations nearby for portraits. Whether you’re looking for something a bit more outdoorsy, something a little more urban, or a little bit of both you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in the beautiful state of Wisconsin. With some of the most gorgeous state parks and outdoor areas, cute downtowns, and even larger cities there’s something for everyone here !

Milwaukee Wisconsin

If a bigger city vibe is more your style then Milwaukee Wisconsin is the perfect option for your wedding photos ! Located on Lake Michigan and only about 25 miles north of Racine, Milwaukee is a city that has A LOT to love about it. Whether you like the feeling of a big city, smaller more intimate shops, or you like larger scale attractions Milwaukee has you covered.

Located near the Lake Michigan shore, this BEAUTIFUL coffee shop is a great spot to escape for a minute on your wedding day to spend some time with one another. The shop itself and its surrounding streets are gorgeous and with it only being a short walk away from the lakefront as well as Lake Park you end up with a ton of options for your wedding photos. The close proximity to downtown Milwaukee also means that you don’t have to worry nearly as much when it comes to travel time for your photos.

Located on the coast of Lake Michigan and the heart of downtown Milwaukee the pier at Discovery World offers an incredible view and location for your wedding photos. While Discovery World can be rented and used as your wedding venue you are also able to head to the pier for your wedding photos separately, so if you have a venue you're sold on that’s close by you can have the best of both worlds !

Kenosha Wisconsin

To start off my list of favorite locations for wedding photos in Wisconsin, we will begin with my new hometown Kenosha ! Kenosha is such a cool city with SO much character and charm to it, it’s impossible not to adore this city. That combined with its location right on the water of Lake Michigan, and the fact that there are so many unique wedding venues and spaces for taking beautiful photos on your wedding day make it a great option for wedding photos and your wedding in general.

Simmons Island Beach

Simmons Island Beach is one of my favorite spots for wedding photos in Kenosha, and Wisconsin for that matter, for a number of reasons. First off the beach is on the shore of Lake Michigan so you have an incredible backdrop for your photos. It’s also located only blocks away from downtown giving you easy access to the beach no matter where your wedding venue happens to be. There’s also a ton of greenery along the beach as well as some lighthouses which gives you a lot of variety to work with when it comes to your wedding photos.

Petrifying Springs

Located slightly north of Kenosha if you’re looking to have some more nature involved in your wedding photos Petrifying Springs is the prime location. If your venue is a little out of the city limits or you’re fine with working some more time into your wedding day timeline for your photos the park does not disappoint ! It is also available for rent as a wedding venue if you’d rather go that route. Being able to take your wedding photos surrounded by all the natural beauty Wisconsin has to offer is truly something special.

Lake Geneva Wisconsin

Downtown Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is one of my favorite towns that I’ve come across so far in Wisconsin. The city has just the perfect mixture of cute Midwest downtown vibes, lakefront beauty, and with all the nature surrounding it there’s really something for anyone and everyone here. Take some time out of your wedding day to head downtown and take a stroll through the streets in your wedding gear. Make your way down to the lakefront for some photos by the water before heading back to rejoin your wedding !

Racine Wisconsin

Next up on the list we have Racine Wisconsin which is just north of Kenosha and has a lot of the same draws as Kenosha when it comes to wedding photos. A cute downtown, located and Lake Michigan, and tons of character make this city a great option for your wedding and wedding photos !

First up we have Wind Point Lighthouse located on the very north end of the city. The lighthouse not only is a great option for your wedding photos, but also can even be your wedding venue for the day if you’d like ! There is a $30 permit for taking wedding photos at the lighthouse, and if you are planning on having this be your wedding venue the price varies depending on the number of guests that attend. Whichever direction you decide to go through you can be sure you’ll end up with some incredible photos for your wedding day !

Downtown Racine

The downtown of Racine has everything you could want out of a town in Wisconsin for wedding photos. Parks and open recreational areas, cute streets with that classic Midwest architecture and feel to them, and SO much charm to go around ! If you’re like me you LOVE that feeling of walking around a downtown with a ton of history to it, and better yet having your wedding photos taken there. Racine has so much to love and should definitely be on your list for possible wedding venues and photo locations !

Your Favorite Wisconsin Locations

With how vast Wisconsin is and how many incredible wedding venues and locations there are throughout the state the options are really endless when it comes to wedding photo locations. Don’t be afraid to do your own thing and find something that truly feels like you for your wedding photos.

Maybe you guys are huge foodies and love your snack food. Let’s swing by your go to Kwik Trip or Culver's location for some photos in your wedding gear. Or maybe you like the small intimate shop feel that you can find in so many towns and cities throughout Wisconsin. Head to the local thrift shop, record store, or your favorite brewery on your wedding day for some portraits. Lastly, there are so many incredible state parks and historic downtowns to list them all off throughout this beautiful state, there’s likely to be one near your wedding venue that you can make a stop at during your wedding day !

No matter the vibe, feel, or background you’re hoping to have for your wedding photos, Wisconsin has no shortage of incredible locations to fit exactly what you’re looking for ! For more wedding day tips head over to my blog page here, and if your heart set on a wedding in Wisconsin but need a photographer send over an inquiry on my contact page !


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