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Ten 2022 Wedding Trends I am Obsessed With

With Pinterest and Instagram reels filled to the brim with endless amounts of inspiration, there are so many wedding trends that I am absolutely obsessed with these days. No longer are wedding trends just colors for your bouquets or cute quotes to put on your rings. The trends often are all about the experience of the married couple and their guests and ways to create a better time when celebrating with the people you love the most. Here are some of the top wedding trends I’ve seen these past couple of weddings that make for an awesome wedding experience.

Giving Your Wedding a Personal Touch

Personalizing your wedding day by showing gratitude to the person you plan to spend the rest of your life with, along with your closest friends and family is SUCH a great way to celebrate your wedding day. These wedding trends create such a sweet and intimate feel to your wedding day and help you to show some love to the people who helped you and your partner come together.

Private Letters or Vows

Gone are the days when you HAVE to have your entire ceremony in front of everyone you know. With elopements and alternative wedding day setups on the rise, more and more couples are opting to share their vows to one another in a more intimate setting like during their first look. Writing letters to one another or writing out your vows to share with one another when you two are alone is by far one of the best wedding trends I’ve seen over the past couple of years. Give yourselves some time alone and reallyyyyyy spill your guts to your partner. If you don’t plan to do a first look you can deliver these in letter form to read while you’re getting ready or you can even read them to one another during a first touch or behind closed doors.

Write a Letter to Your Guests

Rather than gifting your guests a shot glass or something, they’ll probably throw out the day after your wedding, opt for something a little more personal. This popular wedding trend has the couple writing out short letters to each of their guests to read during dinner. Reflect on inside jokes, fun times or anything that comes to mind! If you’re not much of a writer, opt for a photo of you and the guest instead with just a little love you on the other side. Have these sitting on your table so that your guests can look through them throughout your dinner. These also make for GREAT conversation starters for all your guests sitting around the table.

It's All in the Details

When it comes to the details of your wedding day, things are getting looser and looser as couples ditch older wedding traditions and make their own new ones! With many wedding trends these days, wedding parties have fewer responsibilities, wedding decor has a whole new spin, and couples are focussing more on the experience of everyone involved on their wedding day.

Wedding Color Palette

Having a color palette for suits and dresses instead of everyone matching makes your photos more visually interesting AND makes things SO much easier for your wedding party! Not only that, but it also gives your wedding party a lot more freedom when it comes to what best fits their body and what fits their budget when preparing for your wedding day. Shades of blue, different colored floral dresses, gifted ties with different tones of suits, there are SO many different ways to make your wedding party outfits look cohesive rather than just matching.

Non Traditional Wedding Attire for the Newly Weds

Whether you want to use this wedding trend all day long and wear what makes your heart sing to your ceremony, or make an outfit change just for your reception, I am obsessed with non-traditional wedding attire and I hope that it is here to stay! Outfit changes and non-traditional wedding attire make your wedding experience so unique. Your wedding guests will become the ultimate hype people the second you walk back in in your new gear, and the change makes for SO many great photo opportunities!

Fewer Florals, More Thrifted Decor

Not only is it better for the environment but it also makes for such a fun bonding activity for you and your partner to do as you’re prepping for your wedding day! Thrift unique trinkets for the wedding tables, glassware for your guests, and even china for serving dinner! More and more couples are opting for minimal florals on their wedding day and dressing their tables with ALL their unique thrifting finds.

Get the Party Going

When it comes to wedding trends that get the party going and getting your guests to participate, there are SO many cool new ones. Whether it's ways to get more people on the dance floor, or alternatives to trends that just don't quite fit everyone's wedding day, these wedding trends are some of the coolest ideas to be inclusive to all your guests and get the party going.

Song Requests

Song requests are one of the easiest ways to get everyone you love up and dancing throughout your wedding reception, but having guests walk up to the DJ can be intimidating for some. Instead, ask for song requests on your RSVP cards ! Having guests put in song requests will get them out and dancing to their favorite jams, and will also help you and your partner complete your list to send over to your DJ.

Silent Disco

Silent Disco is by far one of the best wedding trends out there. Not only is it inclusive for guests who might not like the reception aspect of a wedding, but it also offers so much flexibility for couples. Silent disco during the reception is a great option for venues that have early quiet hours. This is also a great option for DIY weddings and at home weddings or for couples that really just want a more intimate experience while still providing a party for the guests that want to party. Silent Disco's are dance parties for guests with headphones, so while the guests are raging with their music blasting in their headphones, everyone else off the dance floor has a quieter and more relaxed environment.

Activities that Aren't Dancing

While yes, a LOT of your wedding guests might want to dance on your wedding day, it's also fun to have activities other than dancing. This wedding trend gives guests other things to do at your wedding to keep the party going. Having a table with games, I Spy on the table cards, a photo booth, or even yard games are great ways to keep your guests at your wedding reception late and have fun celebrating you !

Getting Creative

Wedding Themes

Having a wedding theme or wedding vibe are SO much fun and make for such a fun experience for you and your guests. Themes like 1920s, Disney, royal ball, or bohemian all make for such a fun experience for guests. More general themes or “wedding vibes” as some may call it, like a summer picnic, disco, or garden party, give just enough inspiration to make everything cohesive, but have more of an open feel. Wedding themes give your wedding day that cohesive feel and help you to make decisions when planning your day !

Laid Back Wedding Reception

Rather than a standard sit-down and served dinner, opt for a more relaxed experience like food trucks to serve dinner to your guests ! The trucks will offer more options for your guests and you will LOVE the experience they provide. Make sure to have two to three different trucks and merge cocktail hour and dinner to make it easier for the food trucks to serve everyone. Your guests can walk around, mingle and sit where they would like and you'll be able to walk around and socialize all throughout the reception.

As I mention earlier in the blog, I am OBSESSED with all of these wedding trends that have come to be these last couple of years. If you're looking for more ways to celebrate or wedding day inspiration, websites like Pinterest, Instagram, and even my blog, are filled to the brim with ideas and trends that will make for the best wedding day !

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