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The Best Places to Take Engagement Photos in Kenosha

It’s official, you’re getting married and so now comes the fun part of planning out your wedding ! One big thing to think about when planning your wedding is where you should have your engagement session? While there are A TON of options out there Kenosha Wisconsin has to be one of my favorite towns to have an engagement session in. This smaller town on the coast of Lake Michigan just north of the Illinois border is full of great spots for your session. Check out my list of 7 spots in Kenosha that you’ll definitely want to consider for your engagement photos.

Couple kiss during engagement photos in Kenosha

Why take your engagement photos in Kenosha

Located right on Lake Michigan, Kenosha Wisconsin has a population of just under 100,000. The historic city is the perfect location for those that live within the area, or are only a short drive away like those who live in Chicago or Milwaukee. Kenosha has a perfect mixture of an urban feel mixed with some small-town vibes. With its smaller population, Kenosha becomes a perfect spot for engagement photos as you won't have to worry about large crowds while taking your photos.

Taking photos in a downtown space like Kenosha is such a fun experience. There are so many unique buildings and a wide variety of backdrops for your engagement session. Whether you want to wander around town just for your session or put together a whole afternoon in Kenosha you will have plenty of fun options.

When to take your Engagement Photos in Kenosha

When planning your session in a landscape like Kenosha, it's important to know when the best times of the day are to have your session. If you plan to have part of your session in the city, you'll want to make sure that portion of your session is when the sun is higher in the sky. That way there is still plenty of light coming through the windows of any buildings we stop into as well as plenty of light amongst the buildings that make up downtown. Then to end your session, we can walk along the lakefront of Kenosha to finish up your engagement session for sunset.

If you plan your session for the morning you'll want to do the opposite. Start your session on the lakefront when the sun is low and then as the sun gets higher head into the city.

Where to take Engagement Photos in Kenosha

This laid-back coffee shop right on the harbor water is such a fun and cute location perfect for an afternoon date and some engagement photos. The small shop has the most adorable interior and a wooden back patio looking out over the water. I love this spot as it’s a great way to start off the session with a little bit of coffee and some snuggles on the porch before heading down to the water for some more photos. The coffee shop is located almost directly in the center of Kenosha making it easily accessible and incredibly convenient if you have a second location lined up for your engagement photos or if you’re heading out on the town after.

One of the coolest spots in Downtown Kenosha, this Beer, Wine, and Coffee café has all you could want out of the downtown. Only two blocks from the lakefront, this Kenosha shop is so much fun for an engagement session. The café itself is super cozy and makes for the perfect spot to start or end your engagement photos, and its location in historic downtown Kenosha means everything including the lake is all within walking distance. Let’s grab some beer and wine for the start of our session and then hit the town or head to the lake !

Down by the Water

Speaking of the lake, the harbor and Lake Front are some of my all-time favorite spots in Kenosha for engagement photos. Kenosha has a beautiful little trail that starts by the harbor and then works its way south over to the shores of Lake Michigan. This short walk has so many great views along the way and lets us get right next to the water. If we head north of the trail and cross the harbor we’re able to head to Simmons Island Beach and the Kenosha lighthouse for some more amazing photo opportunities. Sabiella and Quinton had their engagement session down by the water of the harbor and their photos turned out absolutely incredible making the waterfront easily one of my favorite spots in Kenosha.

Between the rooftop deck and the gorgeous booths throughout the historic hotel restaurant, you’ll have plenty to explore at the Stella Hotel and Ballroom. Once the Heritage Inn, this 100 year old building has been completely transformed and is a prime location for engagement photos (and weddings) in Kenosha. Located in the heart of downtown Kenosha and only a few blocks away from Buzz Cafe, The Stella has an awesome and fairly centralized location. Although with all it has to offer we may not even want to leave !

Couple pose next to mural in Kenosha for engagement photos

These retro electric street cars of Kenosha are staples to the small city. Referred to as trolleys by some, these colorful streetcars are the most fun way to get around Kenosha and are great to use for your engagement photos as well ! The streetcars are easy to catch and only $3.50 per person for an all day pass. Not only can we get some photos while on the streetcars but we’ll also be able to get to some of my other fav locations using them.

Located right on the lakefront on the southwest side of Kenosha, Eichelman Park is the perfect spot for your engagement photos. Eichelman Park has wide open spaces, a gorgeous flower garden, and its own beach that we can take a dip into if we’re feeling a little adventurous. The park also is adjacent to Wolfenbuttel Park meaning there’s plenty of space for engagement photos without being surrounded by a ton of people.

Kenosha is home to some really cool artists and as a result some REALLY cool murals and street art. We’re bound to find plenty along our trip around downtown Kenosha. The murals are like hidden gems in the sense that it’s always a great surprise when you find one, and during an engagement session, it's almost a must-stop for some photos.

Couple pose next to mural in Kenosha for engagement photos

Kenosha is truly a special little town. There’s so much character and charm here that really makes Kenosha what it is and why it’s such a great place to have your engagement photos taken. If you’re looking to have your own engagement session in Kenosha head on over to my contact page and we can start planning your session !


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