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Should Your Wedding Have a Second Photographer?

“Do we need a second photographer for our wedding?” It’s a question that countless couples have asked throughout the years, and one that needs more than just a simple yes or no answer. There are a ton of factors to consider when deciding whether or not to have a second photographer document your wedding. Let’s take a look at those factors, and how to think about them in the context of your wedding planning. First though, we need to make sure we’re all on the same page on what exactly a second photographer is !

What is a Second Photographer?

A second photographer, like the name suggests, is an additional photographer that will be documenting your wedding day alongside your main, or lead, photographer. This second photographer is someone chosen by your lead photographer, so don’t worry about having to research and book your own second photographer ! Instead you can rely on your lead photographer to choose someone who they feel fits the style and vision you have for your wedding day, whether it be an associate under their brand or a friend/acquaintance in the industry that they trust. The second photographer doesn’t handle any of the editing of photos either, so your wedding album will have a consistent look to it thanks to your lead photographer. 

Do You Need a Second Photographer for Your Wedding Day

So, now that we know what a second photographer is, let’s go back to the main question at hand. Do you need a second photographer for your wedding? In truth it depends, but in most cases the answer is yes. We'll take a look later at some examples where you don't need a second photographer, but for now here are 5 reasons why having one is a great idea for a wedding day ! 

More Photos of Your Guests

The first reason I love to recommend a second photographer for almost every wedding day is the fact that you get SO many more photos of your guests ! Your lead photographer is going to have their focus on you for the majority of the day, after all it is your wedding. There are so many important moments that make up a wedding day, all of which involve you, the couple. This leaves the photographer with minimal time to photograph your guests. This may be fine for some couples, but I know for a fact that many couples want photos of their guests from their wedding day. After all, you spent all this time coming up with the guest list and seating chart for your wedding, of course you’ll want some photos of those loved ones celebrating to help you relive one of the best days of your lives.

A Relaxed Timeline

One of the biggest benefits that comes from booking a second photographer for your wedding day is how much more relaxed your timeline is. With just one photographer you’re going to be crunched for time, especially if you’re having a larger wedding. When you have a second photographer it gives you a TON more flexibility. Each photographer can focus on different parts of each moment throughout the wedding day. It gives you so much more extra room to breathe and enjoy yourself on your wedding day, which is really what you should be doing !

More Photos in General

Along with having more photos of your guests from your wedding, having a second photographer means you’ll have more photos from your day in general. For example, if a couple does a first look you often only get to see one person’s reaction, but with a second photographer present you can document both partner’s reactions ! This is just one example of the many events that make up a wedding day where having a second photographer present can lead to you receiving a more full and well rounded wedding album.

More Time for Portraits

With two wedding photographers present, your wedding day portraits become a LOT easier to manage. Your lead photographer can work with one wedding party while the second photographer works with the other, making things simple and efficient. This gives you so much more time to get in all the portrait photos you want. It also lets you knock out your portrait photos much faster if you’re looking to get through them and enjoy the other parts of your day !

Better Overall Wedding Day Experience

All of this combines to create a wedding that is overall a much better experience for everyone involved. Your lead photographer is more relaxed and able to focus on you, your wedding party and family photos are a breeze to document, your photographers have more freedom which can lead to more creative and engaging images, the list goes on and on !

When Do You Not Need a Second Photographer for Your Wedding?

So with everything we’ve covered a second photographer is always something you should have for a wedding right? Not exactly! While the benefits of having a second photographer are pretty clear, there are some scenarios where having one isn’t fully necessary. For instance, elopements or intimate weddings where the timeline is more relaxed and there are less guests involved often only require one photographer to document everything the couple wants. Even in the case of larger weddings, sometimes only a solo photographer is in the couples budget and that is totally fine. I do strongly recommend budgeting for a second photographer though if any of the above benefits sound appealing to you !

The LAR Photography Second Photographer Experience

So now that I’ve recommended booking a second photographer for your wedding, I’m sure you’re wondering what that looks like when booking with LAR Photography. That’s where my husband Jared comes in ! Jared and I are a team, both while at home and while together on a wedding day. We have crafted our dynamic through documenting a TON of weddings together, and he’s a huge part of the reason why I love to recommend a second photographer to my couples. Together we’re able to capture more small but important details in every wedding, in addition to the couple of course!

That just about covers second photographers and why I feel they’re such an important piece of almost every wedding day! For more wedding planning tips be sure to check out some of my other blogs. If you'd like to see more of my work be sure to check out my Instagram. Finally, if you are ready to book Jared and I to document your day be sure to head over to my contact page to send me an inquiry !


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