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LGBTQ+ Wedding at The Hive on Hubbard | Beth + Madeline

Beth and Madeline had one of THE most fun wedding day’s that I have ever been a part of! Their LGBTQ+ wedding day consisted of rooftop photos, breweries, a gorgeous ceremony and reception at The Hive on Hubbard, and SO much more ! Their day was a riot from start to finish and I cannot wait to show you some of the highlights from their wedding day.

Getting Ready

To start off their wedding day Beth and Madeline got ready together with their closest friends before their day got started. Beth and Madeline got ready together with the majority of their wedding party which made the morning so much fun. I love when couples break traditions and do what feels right for them, and getting ready together made for such a fun morning.

Once they had their hair and makeup done, they put on their wedding attire and stayed in different parts of the room! They wanted to still have the surprise of the first look in seeing each other for the first time. When it came time for their first look it was a total surprise for both and such a sweet moment to kick-start their day ! After seeing each other and packing up their things, we hopped on their trolley tour to some of their favorite spots in the city before their beautiful LGBTQ+ wedding at the Hive on Hubbard.

A Chicago Trolley Tour of Their Favorite Spots

One of the best parts of Beth and Madeline’s wedding day was the trolley tour to some of their favorite spots in the city. I LOVE when couples make their wedding day feel unique to them so I was ALL for traveling around the city with Beth, Madeline and their crew. We lucked out with absolutely perfect weather for their October wedding so we were able to enjoy all their favorite spots like Humboldt Park, a mural at their first apartment together, and a couple of their favorite breweries ! We were able to get SO many couple and wedding party photos on our adventures as well as snag a drink from the breweries before making our way to the Hive on Hubbard for their wedding ceremony !

Their LGBTQ+ Wedding at the Hive on Hubbard

Beth and Madeline really couldn’t have chosen a better venue for their wedding. The Hive on Hubbard has so much going for it with its simple and urban feel, TONS of natural light, and a unique neighborhood that made it perfect for Beth and Madeline’s wedding festivities ! They kept their decorations simple for their ceremony keeping the focus on them and their love which I am 100% here for as was everyone else in attendance. Beth and Madeline have such a fun and beautiful love for one another and seeing all their favorite people here to support and celebrate their love made for the perfect wedding ceremony !

After their ceremony, Beth and Madeline spent some time taking photos with their friends and family before we snuck away to the rooftop for some photos of just the two of them. On top of being a gorgeous wedding venue in general, Hive on Hubbard also offers rooftop access with an insane view of the Chicago skyline which just makes me love this venue even more ! The rest of the evening was spent with Beth and Madeline celebrating their marriage with those they love the most as everyone danced the night away.

I’m sure you can see now why I love Beth and Madeline’s wedding day as much as I do ! They created a day around the things they love most including each other and chose the perfect venue in Hive on Hubbard to celebrate and host their LGBTQ+ wedding ! If you’re looking for more love stories like Beth and Madeline’s head to my blog page for all the wedding day content.


Hair: Lauren from Allaur Beauty

Transportation: Premier Trolley Company


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