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Intimate Midwest Forest Wedding | Christina + Pawlos

Christina and Pawlos had the most amazing and intimate Midwest wedding celebration together at a beautiful forest in Indiana. The setting was gorgeous and thanks to a little bit of good luck the rain, which initially called for storms all day, waited until we took the festivities indoors before starting. I am so in love with these two and their wedding day and, I’m so excited to share their day with you !

Their Midwest Forest Wedding

Christina and Pawlos had their intimate wedding day at the edge of this gorgeous forest in Indiana. Their wedding space is an all-inclusive wedding venue. This means it is set up to host every part of the wedding day which I love for my couples. Getting ready, and hosting your ceremony and your reception all in the same space creates a relaxed timeline and environment for everyone involved. So if you can book a venue that can host all the aspects of your wedding day, I highly recommend it !

Along with their venue being all-inclusive, it also had both indoor and outdoor spaces for different parts of the wedding day. I love that they were able to have their reception outside before heading in for their reception just a few steps away. Christina and Pawlos's intimate Midwest forest wedding was nothing short of perfect !

Getting Ready Photos and their First Touch

Their day started with both Christina and Pawlos getting ready separately with their respective wedding parties. Both groups were dressed to the nines, seriously these were some GORGEOUS bridesmaids and groomsmen. Not to mention Christina and Pawlos both looking stunning on their own ! Christina’s hair and makeup were done by the incredibly talented Amela Studio. Once everyone was ready and we got some group photos it was time to prepare for their ceremony.

Before heading out to their ceremony space in the forest they wanted to spend a moment together. Because they wanted to wait till they walked down the aisle to see one another they decided to have a first touch prior to their ceremony. A first touch is where the soon-to-be newlyweds stand back to back and hold hands to have a little alone time before their ceremony. I absolutely LOVE when my couples go for a first touch on their wedding day. It’s such a sweet and intimate moment and allows you to spend time together prior to your ceremony without seeing one another. If you don’t want to have a first look before your wedding day I highly recommend a first touch ! After their first touch we headed out to the forest for their intimate wedding ceremony.

Ceremony and Portraits

Their venue was located on the edge of a gorgeous northern Indiana forest. This forest front location was such a cool setting for their wedding. Of course, being in the midwest thunderstorms and sunshine on the same day is always a possibility. With their intimate ceremony in their outdoor space we had to keep an eye on the approaching storm. The rain did hold off, however, the wind did not ! Christina had to remove her veil before the wind could make it fly off into the forest.

Even with the unruly weather, we were able to make everything work and the two ended up with a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony. I know that they’ll be able to look back on these moments and cherish them forever. After their ceremony was over there was a little time before the reception started. The rain was still holding off so we got some portraits of the newlyweds along with their families and wedding parties. The storm arrived almost immediately after we walked inside for the reception.

Their Beautiful Reception

Christina and Pawlos’s wedding reception was filled to the BRIM with so much love and memories to last a lifetime. The two entered after their wedding parties and immediately shared their first dance together which was such a special moment. After some equally heartfelt and hilarious speeches and some delicious cake, it was time for the garter and bouquet tosses which are always SO much fun. With that, it was time for everyone to get on the dance floor and start the party !

I loved being able to capture so many amazing moments from Christina and Pawlos’s intimate Midwest forest wedding. The love these two share is so incredible and I’m so happy that we were able to create a day that they'll look back on forever with love and laughter. If you’re in need of a photographer for a wedding of your own head on over to my contact page and send over an inquiry !


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