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In Home Couples Session | Alyssa + Skye

This session with Alyssa and Skye was SO special to be a part of. These two just got their first home together and wanted to have an in-home couples session to celebrate this amazing milestone in their relationship. The best part about it was that they got back into their wedding attire for their session! Being able to capture this moment for Alyssa and Skye and start making memories in their new home together was so much fun and so sweet !

Their Backyard Picnic

We started out their couples session with some portraits of them in the backyard of their new home. This was such a fun and cute way to start off their session. Between the flowers, feeding grapes to one another and all the lovin’ that happened in between we couldn’t have started off their session any better. I love my sessions with Alyssa and Skye as we always have so much fun together. They’re legitimately some of my favorite humans and we always end up with such great photos from their sessions !

Celebrating Their First House

Your first home together in a relationship is a HUGE deal and I love the idea of celebrating it with a couples session. Alyssa and Skye took it a step further by having some more wedding portraits done for their in-home session and it turned out so perfect. We were able to document so many of their relationships' moments together like them hanging out on their couch, playing Animal Crossing together, baking, and listening to their favorite Halsey vinyl. You go through so many milestones together in a relationship, and I loved being able to help capture some of these for Alyssa and Skye !

Making Your Session Feel Like You

When it comes to your session I can’t stress enough how important it is to make sure that your session feels like you. For Alyssa and Skye, including things that they do together in their relationship was a huge part of making their in home couples session feel like them. Whether it’s playing video games together, shopping for records, or hiking whatever you love to do together you should try to find a way to include it in your session. It’ll really help capture the true feeling of your relationship and make your session feel special to you. Which it should be !

I seriously can’t talk enough about how much fun Alyssa and Skye’s couples session in their new home was. I love these two and capturing the love they have for one another in their new house was such an incredible experience. Looking to book a session of your own? Head to my contact page and send over an inquiry so we can get to planning !


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