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if you like: Earthy, MOODY, and Autumn Vibes....

If you like earthy, moody, and autumn vibes (more specifically: pumpkin flavored everything, cinnamon, warm muted tones, oranges, greens, beiges, browns, 40 -70 degree weather, and everything in between, that is how I best describe my style! I try to convey the vibes of autumn through all seasons with my photos, so if you are an autumn lover, I hope you feel that through my photos!

I really feel that autumn is the time of year where I come alive, and I know I am not alone in these thoughts. Autumn embraces the cozy time of year where we wear sweaters, get coffee with loved ones and take brisk walks in the forest, so using those ideas I want to convey "Autumn" through almost everything I do, even if you are getting married in other times of the year, the moody earth tones will be here to stay!

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