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Best Engagement Session Locations in Milwaukee

Wisconsin is home to endless beautiful locations for an engagement session. Between its small towns with infinite charm, its natural beauty showcased in its state parks, and the gorgeous larger cities there are no shortage of options for your session. When it comes to the larger cities though Milwaukee takes the cake as my favorite in terms of locations for an engagement session. The city just has SO much going for it and is an easy choice if you’re looking to have your engagement session in the state, but where exactly in Milwaukee should your session happen? I’m glad you asked ! Let’s take a look at my favorite locations throughout the city for an engagement session !

The Importance of an Engagement Session

Engagement sessions are some of my favorite to photograph for a number of reasons. This is such a huge step in any relationship and capturing these moments is SO important. No matter how long you’ve been together and how official your relationship has been, once you’re engaged that’s when things become real, like really real. You decide that you two want to spend the rest of your lives together and as you begin this new journey together you should have a session to capture your lives as they are now. How you look, how you dress, how you act around and love one another, all of it !

Why Milwaukee for an Engagement Session

Milwaukee is an incredible city with a ton of appeal for all different kinds of couples. There truly is something for everyone in Milwaukee ! Whether it’s the city’s breweries, bars, coffee shops, and other stores, the gorgeous views of Lake Michigan, the beautiful parks giving a bit of that natural feel to the city, or larger more tourist oriented attractions. This makes Milwaukee an ideal city for an engagement session as no matter what you are looking for in your session we can make it happen in Milwaukee !

Best Milwaukee Engagement Session Locations

Located right on the shore of Lake Michigan, the pier at Discovery World in Milwaukee is one of my favorite locations in the city for an engagement session. The pier offers incredible views of both the city and Lake Michigan itself. The pier is also within walking distance of Lakeshore State Park and the Historic Third Ward which gives you easy options if you want your engagement session to take place in multiple locations. The Milwaukee downtown and Veterans Park are also very close by so there are no shortage of options.

With four locations in Milwaukee Anodyne Coffee are some of my favorite coffee shops in the city and are perfect for an engagement session. Not only do they offer great coffee, but their rustic feel and friendly atmosphere make them the perfect stop for your engagement session, even if only for a portion of the session. With two locations towards the center of the city near the Milwaukee River, one location on the west end of the city and one on the south end there are plenty of options for you to choose from !

Located on the Milwaukee River Colectivo Coffee is an adorable coffee shop perfect for an engagement session. The outdoor spaces at Colectivo Coffee are stunning in the summertime and make for the perfect pit stop for your engagement session. Refuel on a delicious cup of coffee and we’ll take some photos of you both having the best time together before heading out into Milwaukee’s downtown for the remainder of your session.

Rock Climbing

I LOVE when couples want to get creative and make a session their own by including something they love doing together into their engagement session. One of my favorite options is a session at a rock climbing gym as there is SO much fun to be had. You two can have the best time at one of Milwaukee’s gyms like Turner Hall Climbing Gym. We’ll capture some insane and unique photos and then head out to one of Milwaukee’s many other locations for the remainder of your session, such as your favorite pizza place !


Let’s head to one of Milwaukee’s MANY pizza places and refuel while capturing some incredibly cute photos of the two of you together on your engagement session. There’s nothing like a date night together celebrating your love for one another, and with an engagement you have a lot to celebrate. We can head to a pizza place to finish of our Milwaukee adventures together and get some good food and even better photos !


Like its pizza places, Milwaukee has no shortage of incredible breweries to stop in and have a drink together to celebrate your engagement. Celebrate your engagement with a couple freshly poured craft beers and daydream together about your future lives and what they’ll look like. One of the coolest breweries in Milwaukee: Pabst Brewery is filled with so many unique backdrops and will certainly make a super unique experience for your engagement session.

As I mentioned earlier Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward is located on the lakefront just south of Discovery World. The Third Ward is a neighborhood where you can feel the history as you walk the streets and take in all there is to see. Filled with shops, art galleries and street art, and plenty of restaurants there is SO much to love about Milwaukee’s Third Ward making it an easy choice for an engagement session location for those with a love for history and that vintage feel.

Located on the very north end of the Historic Third Ward, Milwaukee’s Public Market is an insanely charming market perfect for your engagement session. Peruse the shops, pose with the vintage decorations and take it all in with your now fiancé/fiancée.

Hands down one of the coolest spots in Milwaukee, Dandy just had to be included in my list for my favorite engagement session locations. This combination of a vintage shop and rental space is perfect for your session. The shop has so many incredible pieces perfect for the backdrop of a session. There’s seriously SO much cool stuff inside of Dandy that we could spend all day there and still want to take more photos !

YOUR Favorite Place

I am always looking for new and incredible spaces to photograph my couples at, so if you have somewhere in Milwaukee where you want your engagement session to take place let me know ! Even if it is just for part of your session we can make a stop there for some amazing photos of you two in a space you know and love. There’s something extra special about having your session in a space that means something in your relationship already, whether it’s your favorite coffee shop or a hidden gem of a spot with a gorgeous view you love to look out on together.

As you can see Milwaukee has no shortage of incredible and perfect spots for an engagement session, it honestly can be hard to choose where you want to go ! If you’re struggling deciding or you need a photographer for your session head to my contact page to send over an inquiry. I’d love to help you plan and be a part of this incredible experience for you !


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