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5 Wedding Day Tips From a Former Bride

Planning a wedding has a LOT that goes into it. Organizing family, guest lists, decorations, wedding attire, and invites, it can be easy to get so caught up in the wedding planning that it becomes hard to make decisions. As a wedding photographer and a recent bride myself (WOOP WOOP !) I have a lot of experience both being in the wedding as well as being on the outside and observing/organizing the wedding. I thought it’d be helpful to take this experience and give some tips from both my perspectives as a wedding photographer and bride to make sure you’re in love with your wedding day !

Wedding Tips from a Wedding Photographer

There are SO many different tips and tricks I’ve seen and learned being a wedding photographer over the years. Here are some things I’ve learned from being in the industry the past few years that you should definitely keep in mind when planning out your wedding day.

Keep Your Centerpieces Short

Literally, keep your centerpieces on the shorter side. There are SO many cool things that you can do with centerpieces, but if it blocks the conversation between guests, it can make it hard to get the hype going and connect your families. As a wedding photographer it’s very easy to see a large centerpiece drain the energy out of a conversation and in turn your guests which is why this is the first tip. Make sure your guests can see each other and you can be sure that everyone will have a blast and get the party going !

Wedding Tips From a Wedding Photographer who is a Recent Bride

While I get to see a lot on the photographer’s side of the camera, you never REALLY know what a wedding feels like until you’re in it, which I found out very recently ! Here are some tips from my own experience getting married that I hope everyone can take in.

Only Invite Who You Want to Invite

When making your guest list, take some time and really think through who you want to be in attendance. Just because your dad may want your second cousin to be there because they invited you to their wedding doesn’t mean you have to oblige. Your wedding day is for most a once in a lifetime experience and as a recent bride and wedding photographer I can’t express how important it is to make your wedding experience exactly how you want it. This is your day after all so invite who YOU want to it, not who anyone else thinks should be there.

Have the Wedding Where You Want

One of the biggest tips I have for wedding planning is to be deliberate when deciding where you want your wedding. Think about what kind of experience you want to have and what you want your wedding day to look like. If you want a wedding with you and just your closest people on a mountain in Colorado, you should make it happen. Or if you want to rent out an Airbnb on a lake in Wisconsin you should go for it. Whatever experience you want to have on your wedding day you should aim for that so you’re able to have the wedding day of your dreams !

Don’t Stress About the Little Things

This might be the most important tip for your wedding, focus on the experience and not all the little details. No one remembers what color dishes you had at your wedding or how their napkins are folded at their table. They do remember the laughs shared with friends and family, the fun they have with you and your guests, and the emotion they feel throughout your wedding day. Focus on the experience of the wedding day so you and your guests have a night to always look back on and cherish !

Do a First Dance With Your Partner AND Your Loved Ones

This tip is huge for me as it’s one of my biggest regrets to date ! Jared and I had a first dance, but I wish I would have also done a first dance with some other members of my family. A first dance with your parents, grandparents, or any family that you’re super close with makes for such a special moment of your wedding day and one I wish I would have done ! On the topic of dances another thing I wish I would have done is invite everyone on the dance floor for a family/child dance. It’s such a great way to start the night and get everyone up, moving, and in the mood to party !

Planning out a wedding can be a stressful thing sometimes with all the different factors. I hope this list of tips from the perspective of a photographer and recent bride has helped ease some of that stress though ! For more wedding day tips you can head over to my blog here, sites like The Knot and Brides are also great resources to use. And if you need a photographer for your wedding day send me an inquiry and we can start planning your dream wedding !


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