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What Gear do I use?

I get this question alot, so I wanted to talk about how your photos are taken and how they are backed up!

First off, gear evolves and new editions of models of cameras come out, but at the moment I shoot with 3 Sony A7iii. I use 1, however its good to have back ups in case something malfunctions! My main lens is a 24mm-70mm for both my husband and myself, but we also have a 70mm-200mm and 2, 35mm ! (but I definitely prefer the zoom lens to a prime!) Just personal preference!

In terms of backing your photos up, all photos are taken on a duel slot, meaning as the photos are taking they are being saved to 2 SD cards, just in case one malfunctions. After the photos are taken they are stored and backed up on an external hard drive as well as the original SDs are kept in a fireproof safe. I know this seems crazy intense, but these are things to ensure couples photos are safe and relieve some anxiety of having the couples most important day (potentially) in their lives all in my care.

If you are thinking of starting out as a photographer, keep these things in mind! On top of gear, I use Lightroom to edit all of my photos and Pic-Time to deliver all of the photos!


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