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Northern Illinois Wedding Venue Feature - The Brix on the Fox

Today’s a special day as we’re going to take an in depth look into one of my all time favorite wedding venues, The Brix on the Fox! This historic wedding venue found in Carpentersville, Illinois is a dream come true for couples looking to craft the wedding day of THEIR dreams. A client first approach, beautiful setting inside and out, and multiple spaces to choose from only scratch the surface of what this venue has to offer. So without dancing around the topic anymore, let’s get into what sets The Brix on the Fox apart, and why you NEED to have them on your list for potential wedding venues!

The Experience at The Brix on the Fox

One area that The Brix on the Fox pride themselves in is the creative freedom they allow their couples when creating their wedding day. It’s something that is immediately apparent when planning your wedding here, and is something we’ll dive deeper into as we work our way through this article. Even if The Brix on the Fox didn’t have this flexibility though, it would still be a wedding venue worth considering! From its exposed brick interior giving you a gorgeous setting for your wedding day, to the prime location right on the Fox River giving you endless opportunities for wedding day portraits, the Brix really is a stunning venue inside and out. The beauty of the space itself elevates this venue above a lot of its contemporaries, but that’s just the start of the appeal!

The Spaces Available

The Brix on the Fox is an incredibly versatile wedding venue. There are two main event spaces available at the Brix, The Two-Sixty and The Industria. Each space has its own getting ready spaces for the bride, separate entrances from one another, and a totally unique layout from one to the other. The larger Two-Sixty is perfect for larger weddings of up to 320 guests.

Meanwhile The Industria is able to host a respectable max of 200 guests, but is also a fantastic option for couples looking for an intimate wedding venue. Most couples opt to have their intimate weddings on Fridays, Sundays, thanks to the Brix's lower price point these days. You can of course still have your intimate wedding on a Saturday at the Brix though if you have your heart set on it! While the Brix does have both venue spaces operating on the same day, there is no crossover between the two, not even in terms of sound! The only crossover would be in their parking lot, which is large enough to hold two full sized weddings on the same day.

The Amenities

Another strength of The Brix on the Fox is the amenities they provide their couples. The goal is to make things as simple and stress free as possible, while also throwing in a few extras to elevate the experience! The Brix has most everything you would need for a wedding already included into their packages. Chairs, linens, and gorgeous reclaimed wood tables are all included. A limited number of high top tables and stools are also available for you to use. Their in house lighting and sound system are top of the line as well, a dream come true for your DJ! Lastly, the Brix also includes a photo booth as part of your package. Now not only will you have stunning photos from your photographer, but also fun personal photos from all of your guests throughout the evening!

The Service

If you’ve looked into The Brix on the Fox and checked out their website then a lot of the above information may already be stuff you know. Something they don’t speak much about also happens to be one of their best features in my opinion! The service here is seriously unmatched. The Brix has wedding days down to a science.

From the moment you book, all the way until the final song of the night, they’re there to help make sure your day runs smoothly. The venue manager that is on site for your day as well as the other staff is there to make sure that there aren’t any road bumps on your wedding day. The best part is that since they’ve been doing this for a while, even if a road bump appears they know how to fix it and adjust your day on the spot. Their goal is for their couples to have THE best wedding day possible, I honestly wish more wedding venues put this much care into their client’s experience!

The Logistics

The Brix on the Fox can be found sandwiched in between Carpentersville and Dundee, Illinois. There are a TON of places to stay nearby the Brix, something their staff is also able to provide recommendations on when booking. On the off chance that EVERY Airbnb, Vrbo, and hotel is booked up around the Brix, the city of Elgin is just 5 miles south of the venue. All this makes things incredibly simple for your guests to find a place to stay without having to drive far at all! As for the venue itself, I already mentioned the massive parking lot that has more than enough space for your wedding guests. In addition though the entire venue is handicap accessible thanks to ramps being used at each and every entrance. The Brix wants you AND your people to all be able to enjoy your wedding day to the fullest!

The Vendor Requirements

In their quest for the ultimate freedom for their couples, The Brix on the Fox has no vendor requirements whatsoever. That means that whatever vendor you want for your wedding day, you’re free to choose them! Now if that sounds a little daunting don’t worry, the Brix does have a list of ALL types of vendors that they love to work with to help guide you in your search!

Unmatched Freedom of Choice

Flexibility and freedom of choice are something I’ve mentioned and alluded to time and time again when talking about The Brix on the Fox, and there’s a reason for that. When it comes to wedding venues it’s hard to compete with the Brix in terms of what they let you do to create the wedding day of your dreams. Even in terms of décor, you can keep things simple or go ALL out! Like with everything at the Brix, the choice is yours to make!

As you can probably tell I absolutely love this wedding venue! It checks all the boxes for me, a storied history that they still honor, a focus on providing their couples with the best possible experience, and a stunningly gorgeous space both inside and out! It really is the whole package. For a look into a full wedding day at The Brix on the Fox check out my blog about Allie and Brendan’s day here. If you’re ready to book me as your wedding photographer be sure to send me an inquiry via my contact page so we can get to planning your day!

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