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Fall Engagement Photos at Petrifying Springs in Kenosha, WI | Christin + Josh

Christin and Josh’s engagement photos are really the perfect showcase of just how diverse Kenosha can be in terms of its backdrops and settings. More than that though, it is a showcase of the beautiful connection these two share with one another. Christin and Josh are one of the happiest, and most fun loving couples I’ve documented, and it really shines through in their photos!

Christin and Josh’s Engagement Photos in Kenosha

The first stop of Christin and Josh’s session was the always gorgeous Petrifying Springs Park in Kenosha. The fall vibes were ON POINT from the start for their photos. Immediately we were surrounded by the beautiful orange leaves of the park which were breathtaking. Petrifying Springs is a pretty expansive park though and gave Christin, Josh, and I a variety of backdrops to use within the park itself. From towering trees, wide open fields, and even the bridge over Pike River, it felt as though the options were endless here. 

This only scratches the surface of what Kenosha has to offer though, as the remainder of Christin and Josh’s engagement photos were taken at a beach near downtown! This was such a great way to finish off their session, as even with it being fall Christin and Josh were willing to walk through the water and even roll around in the sand a bit. These two were down to try anything, and it really made their session SO much fun!

Having Your Engagement Session in Kenosha

I mentioned earlier how the variety of settings in Kenosha really makes it an ideal place for taking engagement photos, and I wasn’t just saying that because I live here! Kenosha has something for everyone in terms of a setting for your engagement session. Whether it’s a more natural feel like Christin and Josh’s session, or if you want something a bit more urban like Heather and Anthony’s session. I even have a list of 7 of my favorite locations in and around Kenosha for a fall engagement session that you should check out. Spoiler alert, Petrifying Springs made that list as well!!

If you’re looking to have your engagement photos taken in Kenosha I’d love to hear from you! Head on over to my contact page to send me an inquiry so we can start planning your session today!!


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