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Whether you're in Milwaukee, Chicago or any other surrounding areas, Kenosha is the perfect break from wedding planning, or the perfect little mini honeymoon post wedding celebration! I am going to go over all the must-do's, places to see and where to stay below! All of the below photos are also taken in downtown Kenosha.


You can't go wrong with any of the hotels in the area, however heres a few to get your list jump started. The Stella Hotel is a beautifully renovated 1900's landmark in the Kenosha city center. Another new boutique hotel is The Apis. This hotel is a cross between an AIRBNB and hotel, with its smaller size, catering to a smaller group of individuals. This is great if you want to be downtown, but not in the hustle and bustle of everything. Both of these hotels also feature a beautiful rooftop deck for drinks and a restaurant. The final accommodation is an AIRBNB above my favorite coffee shop Anna's on the Lake. This beautifully renovated AIRBNB that sleeps up to 6 people is now open for guests!


Breakfast means many different things to each person, and if you want a cafe style breakfast with coffee, pastries, muffins, that sort of deal, you can get that at any of the accommodations listed above! If you're looking for a little hearty-ier of a meal here's some of my favorite places!

The Coffee Pot, The coffee pot has been a staple in Kenosha since the early 2000's. You will feel like you are in your grandma's kitchen with the friendly staff and delicious diner style breakfast food. (Pro tip- get the homemade toast, you won't regret it!)


I wanted to suggest some cafe style lunch places, because of course you can go to a dinner place for lunch as well, but sometimes we don't want something so heavy to eat.

The Buzz is a great place to get wraps, sandwiches and salads. If you like fish/salmon, definitely get the Salmon wrap, they smoke their salmon in shop and it's delicious. They also serve breakfast in the morning, but they are more known for their lunch and later night bar that is open! It truly is an everything cafe!

Anna's on the Lake (as mentioned before) has amazing sandwiches and coffee and is a great place to grab a quick lunch while overlooking Lake Michigan. You can sit inside or outside (weather permitting) and get a great view!


The below restaurants are great for dinner and dates. These are just some of my favorite restaurants, however there are so many more to choose from as well!

Captain Mikes, is a delicious burger joint with speciality mac-n-cheese's as well. You may especially like this place if you are a fan of Trailer Park Boys, as many of their burgers are named after specific TPB references.

La Fogata is a delicious Mexican restaurant with great drinks and so many options for dietary restricted eaters. This is probably my most visited restaurant in the Kenosha area!

Waterfront Warehouse is right next to La Fogata, but is an American style dinner place. They have almost anything you could think of, between soups, salads, sandwiches, pasta dinners, fish dinners, meat dinners, and a Hefty drink menu.

Slip 56 is great for pretty much anything your in the mood for, pizza, pasta, tacos, sandwiches, salads and entrees! They also have specific food and drink specials each day of the week of you're looking for something special!


There are so many great bars and pubs in downtown Kenosha, but here's just a few of my favorites.

Public Brewing is a great brewery that offers live music, trivia and bingo on select nights. They have both alcoholic drinks and kombucha for those who aren't big drinkers.

Rustic Road Brewing also offers game nights such as karaoke, family feud and live music on select nights. Their drinks are also brewed in house.

Kenosha Tap house is a pour your own drink place, I think these are great for those of us who want to try a little bit of everything. You can pour the exact ounces you want versus having to get a full sized beer.

Finally lets chat about WHAT TO DO in Kenosha :)


Walk the miles of downtown kenosha lake front

Play tennis right next to the beach

Go to one of the many beaches

If you're here on a Saturday, go to 2 farmers markets downtown!

Climb and visit the lighthouses

Listen to live music and many of the downtown locations


Comedy club at Wyndham hotel

Ax throwing at Hold My Beer

Paint ceramics at Alpaca Art

Learn to throw pottery at Lemon Street Gallery

Shopping at all the little boutiques, book stores, and small businesses downtown!

Overall, Kenosha is growing big time, and I am so excited to continue to see the growth! It is becoming the best little weekend getaway in between Milwaukee and Chicago! So what are you waiting for? come visit kenosha! For more information visit:


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