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St. Charles Intimate Wedding Celebration

I had SO much fun photographing Reana and Joon during their intimate wedding celebration in St Charles. These two decided to plan a celebration with their friends and family was truly unique. A wedding shower/reception hybrid surrounded by all of their friends and family. I LOVED being a part of their day and I am so happy they were able to spend time with their family and friends leading up to their elopement!

St. Charles Illinois Intimate Wedding Celebration

Reana and Joon are some of THE coolest people I’ve ever worked with. After deciding to have their wedding in a private part of Tulum Mexico, they realized they might not have photos taken of their ceremony. They decided that they would have their wedding portraits taken at their wedding shower and family celebration overlooking the Fox River ! Reana and Joon rented an Airbnb on the Fox River to host their families (many of which live out of town) for an intimate wedding celebration in St Charles. Because they are having such an intimate ceremony in Tulum, their wedding shower was the perfect opportunity to celebrate their marriage with friends and family before they head off for their Mexico trip.

Wedding Portraits on the Fox River

Knowing that they more than likely wouldn’t be able to have wedding portraits done at their wedding ceremony in Tulum, Reana and Joon dressed up in their wedding gear for some portraits at their wedding shower ! Having their wedding portraits done surrounded by friends and family and at one of their favorite locations made for such a unique experience.

With the low pressure of the day just being a wedding shower, and all of the hype from their friends and family coming in from out of town, Reana and Joon had SO much fun taking their wedding portraits. It was such a fun and intimate way to celebrate their wedding. They chose the perfect riverfront Airbnb in St. Charles for their celebration.

Their Fox River Airbnb

One of the latest wedding trends that I am obsessing over is hosting intimate weddings and smaller events at Airbnb’s ! There are so many cute Airbnb’s throughout Illinois and Wisconsin that are perfect for hosting small events. Though you do need special approval, many Airbnb’s allow small gatherings within reason ! With their Airbnb being on the Fox River we soaked in the scenery and had some fun on a swing they had hung up in the backyard. This little Airbnb was perfect for their photos as well as their intimate wedding celebration with it being so close to St Charles!

I loved photographing Reana and Joon’s wedding shower and celebration in St Charles. The wedding celebration itself was so intimate and personal. Being able to celebrate their marriage with their closest friends and family before they travel for their real wedding was so special ! Looking to photograph your wedding or a wedding celebration like Reana and Joon? Head to my contact page so we can start planning !

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