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Northern Illinois Intimate Wedding | Eric + Emily

Emily and Eric’s intimate wedding at their family's northern Illinois home was seriously something out of a dream. Emily and Eric had a vision for their wedding day that was intimate moments with their loved ones paired with an EPIC celebration with all of their friends and family. Now in the world of weddings, these two things can be very challenging to achieve in a single wedding. Larger weddings are FULL of hype and fun with little blips of time with those you’re closest to. While an intimate wedding is full of slower moments with those you’re closest to. So Emily and Eric figured, why not do both?

Emily and Eric decided to split their wedding celebration between two separate days, the intimate ceremony and dinner with family on a Tuesday springtime afternoon, followed by an EPIC wedding celebration the following Saturday with friends and family. This is part one of their wedding day celebrations! Stay tuned for part two in a later blog post.

Getting Ready at their Family Home in Northern Illinois

We started off their wedding day at Eric’s family home in northern Illinois. They spent their morning taking their time getting ready. Sharing slow moments with family and their closest friends was a priority for them, so they set up their timeline so that they could take their time throughout the morning getting ready. With their weather being during the spring time in Northern Illinois, the weather can be a bit unpredictable. Emily and Eric seriously lucked out, it hardly rained on their wedding day, and with the rain from the beginning of the week, their land was absolutely breathtaking with the gorgeous greens throughout.

After getting ready, Eric and Emily wanted to spend some time alone together. They met out on the patio and got to see each other for the first time on their wedding day alone. Eric and Emily took some portraits together and then took a walk on the property to soak in the day and take a few more portraits overlooking the farm.

Intimate Wedding Ceremony

Emily and Eric decided to do a full ceremony during their Tuesday wedding with their closest family and friends. The weather was perfect so they were able to set up their ceremony on a patio looking out over their family’s land. A Thymeless Bloom made Emily’s wedding bouquet as well as decorations for the ceremony and dinner, and let me just say she seriously made the day SO magical! Between Emily’s hair piece, the boutonnieres and all of the other decorations and details that went into the day, there were SO many beautiful floral details I was just in awe all day.

Emily and Eric’s ceremony was so sweet, you could just feel all of the love between them and all the love their family and friends had for them. Following the ceremony, we took some group photos, and a couple of portraits and then headed off to dinner!

Intimate Family Dinner

For their intimate wedding reception at their northern Illinois home Emily and her wedding vendors put together a gorgeous tablescape. Flowers were again done by a Thymeless Bloom. Along with the flowers, Emily curated a gorgeous display of vintage dinnerware. The plates and dishes that hadn’t been found and curated by Emily were from Her Story Retold.

Emily, Eric and their families spent the evening sharing stories, laughing together and just having the best time celebrating the newly-weds. If you’re still looking for a photographer for your intimate wedding head to my contact page and let’s get planning!


Farm tables, chairs and dishes- Midwest Tents and Events

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