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My Top 5 Alternative Wedding Venues

With intimate weddings on the rise in popularity, there are more and more options for couples who want to plan an intimate day. Couples are looking to alternative wedding venues to celebrate their wedding days and there are SO many cool and unique options ! Making your wedding day feel like you is one of my favorite things a couple can do and something I always recommend. One of the best ways to do just that is to have a wedding venue that fits you and the vision you have for your wedding day. This will look different for everyone as every couple is unique, so I put together a list of my 5 favorite alternative wedding venues to help get your brain thinking about your ideal venue.

In Your or Someone Else's Backyard

Backyard weddings are back and I am LOVING it ! I LOVE backyard weddings, especially on Midwest summer nights. They provide such an intimate experience for your wedding day and with a laid back set up, you really can’t go wrong with them as your alternative venue. There are so many unique ways to host, whether that be hiring a private chef, setting up a tent in your backyard or just planning an intimate wedding day in your home. If you’re wanting that at home feel but not completely sold on hosting it in your own home, opt for a VRBO that allows events, or check your local downtown for inns that host weddings.

Here are some of my personal favorite VRBO’s perfect for hosting, a rustic farmhouse and a house with over 7 acres of space !

At Your Favorite Restaurant

There are so many unique restaurants that offer super intimate experiences for couples that want a wedding day that’s a little out of the ordinary and wants good food. Get married somewhere scenic with your closest family members then head back to your favorite restaurant for a private party experience. Restaurants make for the perfect alternative wedding venue as they offer a truly intimate and unique experience. Choose the restaurant you had your first date at or your current favorite restaurant for a little added emotion to your day !

At Your Favorite Brewery

There are SO many awesome breweries that host weddings these days! Not only does this provide a unique experience for your guests, but it also guarantees great drinks for your evening ! Opt for the brewery food options or if they permit it, consider renting a food truck to serve your guests on your wedding evening. This is one of the most fun options when it comes to alternative wedding venues since so many breweries have a special vibe and style to them. It really makes for an incredibly fun environment for your wedding day ! A few brewerys you'll definitely want to consider for your wedding day include Pabst and Good City Brewing in Milwaukee, and Kenosha Brewing Co in Kenosha!

At a City Courthouse

The courthouses across the Midwest are BEAUTIFUL and many of them also allow a couple of people to come in with you now ! These work great as an alternative wedding venue as you’re able to keep things nice and simple for your ceremony. Then once you’re officially married you can head out with your photographer and your closest people for an afternoon of exploring the town before heading to a restaurant to celebrate your marriage. Check out courthouses in places like Chicago and Milwaukee and the BEAUTIFUL buildings that they reside in.

In a Beautiful Museum

Museums are great alternative locations to host your wedding day. If you aren’t big on dancing and really want a unique experience for your guests, consider hosting your loved ones in a museum ! Believe it or not, MANY museums host events whether they be large or intimate weddings. Hosting your wedding day in a museum offers a super unique experience for your guests as it’s a very different environment to celebrate in than a more typical wedding venue. They’re also absolutely gorgeous so the backdrops of your photos will be breathtaking just like the two of you on your wedding day !

I love how more and more people are looking for alternative wedding venues when planning their wedding. Creating a wedding day that is special and unique to you is something I can’t recommend enough, and finding a venue that fits your vision is such a key part of that ! Talk with your lover about where you two both dream of having your wedding and make it happen. I’d love to be a part of your planning process, so if you’re still searching for a wedding photographer head to my contact page so we can get this show on the road !


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