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Aside from having a photographer for your wedding, there are many ways to capture other photos or have guests capture photos as well! I am going to talk about some of my favorite ways to maximize your photos on your special day!


The first favorite is creating a specific hashtag and having notes/information sent to all guests to use that hashtag when posting the photos. If any guests take photos during your special day and use that hashtag, you can go on social media, type that hashtag in and see all of the photos your guests have taken! This needs some prep work, but is virtually free!


Another way of capturing photos that the photographer(s) may not be able to capture is to have a photo guestbook. This option isn't free, however having 1-2 polaroid cameras with film next to a book is a great way for guests to take a photo for themselves, and you, while also writing a note next to their image. This can also double as their favor as they can take an image for themselves to go home with!


You can opt to have a photo booth or you can do create your own! Either way is great, it just depends on your budget. If you decide to create your own, you can just get a tripod that has a phone holder and some paper/cardboard/dollar story props! You can have guests use their own phone in the holder so they can keep the images and utilize the props to make the photos more interesting. You can also add backdrops or go as far into it as you want! This can also double with the hashtags, as you can ask that guests use your specific hashtag if they post any of these photo booth photos.


I cannot personally attest to this, as I have heard mixed reviews, however I quite like the idea of it! Putting a disposable camera on each reception table for folks to take photos during the reception. The one thing I have heard that makes a huge difference is making sure these disposable cameras have flash. Flash disposable cameras are what you need to capture those fun dancing/low light images during the reception!


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