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First off choosing a venue has many other considerations I will not be talking about today that are more important i.e. cost of venue and your budget, location to you and your family, and accessibility for anyone with needs such as an elevator etc.

I want to talk about this from a photographer and videographer standpoint only. Lighting and colors of the venue is critical in how the photos turn out. If the venue is super dark, no windows, low light, the photographer/videographer either has to use flash to implement light or if not using flash/external lights, the photos will be dark like the venue. Obviously, each creator has their own style and way of capturing the day, so it is important to ask your vendors how they would handle your specific venue. If creators use flash, the photos will also appear as if they are using flash vs natural lighting. Here is an example with low light venues:

If the venue is outside or there is copious amounts of natural light, the photos will appear lighter regardless of what "style" each creator has. Here is an example of brighter or outdoor venues. These are the same wedding galleries but different lighting below.

Both of these sets of photos utilize my same presets, meaning the colors are the same/coherent and they are working to complement each other, however the venue and surroundings play a huge part in how the photos turn out. Another thing to consider is the time of day that your wedding or event is taking place. If it is high noon, the day will most likely be brighter, versus sunset, or after dark.

Bottom line is venues hugely impact the way photographers and videographers shoot and edit their photos/videos. So keep this in mind while choosing your venue to ensure it matches the vibes you are going for!


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