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Top 7 Fall Engagement Session Locations Near Kenosha Wisconsin

Though Midwest weather can be unpredictable, of all the seasons, fall tends to be tried and true and a fan favorite for many, including yours truly. I LOVE fall engagement sessions in Wisconsin. Wisconsin is one of the MOST beautiful places in the country for fall, with the rolling hills and tall trees bursting with color there is just so much to love. For all those living on the Chicago border, or southeast Wisconsin these are some of my FAVORITE places near the Kenosha area for a fall engagement session.

Why Have a Fall Engagement Session in or Near Kenosha Wisconsin

As I mentioned above the area in and around Kenosha, and really Wisconsin as a whole is absolutely gorgeous in the fall and perfect for your engagement sessions. The nature of Wisconsin is truly beautiful with its diverse landscapes of rolling hills, flowing rivers, beautiful rock formations, the abundance of lakes, and the list goes on really. Combine that with the color of the changing leaves that happen during the fall and it’s something that can’t be beat for a fall engagement session. Not only that but there are so many fun festivities in the fall in all the adorable towns throughout Wisconsin making it impossible not to fall(HA) in love with the state !

What To Expect

Having your engagement session in the fall is a little different than other seasons, especially when you factor in the weather you’ll be getting near Kenosha Wisconsin. Colder temperatures are the norm and actually are great for allowing you to wear that fun fall clothing. Keep an eye on the forecast for some extreme low temperatures though. Midwest weather is known for changing at the drop of a hat, so keep an eye out as your date approaches and pack accordingly in the case of colder than average temps and possibly snow.

As far as what season to go in late September to mid-October is optimal for your fall session. The leaves will start to change during this season providing you with all the fall beauty your heart desires for your session ! Late October works as well as long as you’re ok with some more Halloween vibes for your session. Once November starts to roll around though most of the leaves will be off the tree already and the holiday decorations will start to come out making your session more of a winter engagement session.

Out in Nature

First on our list of locations that are perfect for a fall engagement session near Kenosha Wisconsin we’re going to take a look at the natural beauty of Wisconsin. If you’re more in the mood for an outdoorsy fall session exploring the beautiful nature Wisconsin has to offer, this section is for you !

Petrifying Springs Park in Kenosha Wisconsin, also known as Pet’s is a GORGEOUS park especially in the fall and perfect for your engagement session. Its rolling hills and beautiful trees are jaw dropping as they change colors in the Fall, and with the river running through the park and some more open spaces give the park a TON of variety all in close proximity. Having options for different backdrops available during your session all at one location is a huge plus for any session.

This recreational park located 26 minutes west of Kenosha is one of my favorite locations in Wisconsin for a fall engagement session. What was planned to be an air base was kept as a recreational area thanks to the locals who felt it was important to keep the area as it is for future generations to enjoy. I’m SO glad they did too because the beautiful prairie and huge lake in the park really make it a treat to explore and an incredible location for photos.

What was once an old hayfield in the 60’s has become a beautiful arboretum that is immensely beautiful. Located just 15 minutes to the northwest of Kenosha the Hawthorn Hollow Nature Sanctuary has so much to love about it and is really a top pick for a fall engagement session location in Wisconsin. With its unique all white observatory, abundance of beautiful trees, bridges, creeks, and paths the nature sanctuary is truly bursting with beauty during the fall.

Sandwiched between the beautiful fall colors and a water front sunset you really can’t go wrong. The Kenosha Dunes are a collection lakefront beaches that stretch about two miles of Lake Michigan's perimeter. I love the Kenosha Dunes because of the contrast between the prairies leading up to the dunes and the beaches. The location gives you the best of both worlds and the equivalent of two unique locations for your engagement session.

Fall Festivities and Activities

Jerry Smith Pumpkin Farm is one of the sweetest little farms in Kenosha and the perfect location for your fall engagement session. Wander along the corn fields, choose your own pumpkins, explore the farm and experience the fall festivities, all while documenting your fall memories for your engagement session.

Apple Holler Apple Orchard in Sturtevant Wisconsin, is a great location to celebrate fall and take some fall engagement photos with your lover. I love this location because there is SO much to do. Wander around the apple orchard picking some apples and then head into the bakery to share some donuts and drink some cider ! Then end your day with an album full of all your fall memories from your fall engagement session.

The Kenosha Farmers markets are some of the best in the Midwest. The Kenosha Farmers market is full of so many unique vendors and people, and so much of what I love about Kenosha. Located right on the lakefront, the Kenosha farmers market is a great centralized location for your fall engagement session. Start off by walking through the shops, share some coffee from one of the local stands, grab some of your favorite snacks and then end your session looking out over the harbor.

As I mentioned above Kenosha and its surrounding areas are some of the best locations for engagement sessions in Wisconsin. There’s so much to love and really something for everyone ! If you’re wanting to book a session in Kenosha or one of these beautiful locations head to my contact page to book your session.

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