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Downtown Naperville Wedding Portraits | Mayra + Jose

Mayra and Jose had their wedding a while ago and weren’t able to have their wedding ceremony photographed. Mayra knew that she still wanted to document this period of life they’re in and the commitment they made to one another, so they decided to put together a newlywed session ! So I met Mayra and Jose in Downtown Naperville so that we could get some wedding portraits of the two of them and document this exciting time of life they’re living in !

Why You Should Consider a Newlywed Session

Like Mayra and Jose, there are SO many couples that don’t have enough time on their wedding day to get the portraits that they hoped for. Newlywed sessions are a great alternative for couples and a great way to have another experience just the two of you in your wedding gear. A newlywed session is a session in which a newly married couple, or soon to be married couple, dress up in their wedding gear and have a one to two-hour session with their photographer. This newlywed session is typically on a different day from your actual wedding. It gives the couple an opportunity to spend some quality time together, and also get some amazing photos in their wedding gear. Mayra and Jose decided on downtown Naperville for their newlywed session and their wedding portraits turned out incredible !

Downtown Naperville Wedding Portraits

The great thing about Downtown Naperville is that there are so many beautiful locations throughout to explore and take wedding portraits at. We started their newlywed session exploring the Naperville Riverwalk and soaking up the gorgeous weather. Then we ended in town grabbing some cupcakes and walking around the shops ! Fun fact, Mayra actually purchased this dress for their newlywed session which was so exciting ! This gave the session an added level of excitement and anticipation which was SO fun to capture ! I loved being able to walk around with the two of them and create a special experience just for them.

Newlywed sessions are such an amazing experience and are a great option if you don’t have your wedding ceremony photographed or you’re looking for another reason to wear your wedding gear once more ! I had such a fun time with Mayra and Jose and am so happy we were able to get their wedding portraits taken in downtown Naperville. If you’re looking to book a newlywed session of your own head over to my contact page to submit an inquiry !

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