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a non traditional wedding

We love a non traditional wedding with touches of you in every part of the day! All couples make their wedding their own, but no one said you have to follow the standard wedding guidelines either! My associate Alyson of Leave Her Wild Photography captured this day for me, while I was capturing another love story. I edited all of the following photos, but she was able to help create magic with these two!

Lauren and Ryan decided to have their wedding at the restaurant that he works for, which is already super cool! But the venue - The Graceful Ordinary has such a unique style with wallpaper, dark beams and a really romantic ambiance its a great place to choose to get married at! They wanted to sneak in the kitchen and eat some cake for some photos (because who wouldn't want this if they had the opportunity), which was so much fun to connect their work to their wedding when their work atmosphere is their second home.

After their wedding reception, they decided to continue their party at their favorite local bar- Bogarts. This bar has arcade games and amazing murals with neon lights everywhere. Overall, an amazing wedding to be apart of that represented the couple so well!

Here are some of the photos from their day!

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