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7 Best Wedding Planning Tips from Real Couples

When planning a wedding, it can be hard to know what you REALLY want out of your day, because in most cases, this is the first time you’ve planned a wedding. Lucky for you, I know plenty of amazing couples who have been through it already ! I went back and asked my couples what their best wedding tips were for planning their own wedding day, and here is what they said.

1. Opt for a Dessert Bar

"I wish we did a dessert bar vs a cake! Hardly anyone ate cake and honestly I feel like a dessert bar might be more cost-effective too"

Dessert bars are great because they please more guests, and once they’re open, they’re fair game. If you still want to do a wedding cake you can, but with cake as your only option for dessert chances are not everyone will end up eating some. Consider having a dessert bar instead of, (or if your budget allows it in addition to) your cake. No one ever has been upset with TOO many dessert options ! Also if you opt for a dessert bar consider having to-go boxes ! This will ensure no dessert is left behind after the wedding day.

2. Make Your Own Traditions

"Make your ceremony fun! It doesn't have to be traditional, and it can really include anything you'd like"

Whether you want to dance up and down the aisle, play Metallica as you walk up the aisle, or not have an aisle to your ceremony at all, there are SO many cool ways to host your wedding ceremony. Your wedding day is one of the most important days for you as a couple, so why not make your day feel like you? When planning out your wedding day, talk with your partner about what you WANT to do instead of what you think you should do and you’ll end up with a day that’s more fun and unique to you !

3. You Don’t Need to Have a Wedding Party

"you don't need wedding parties, you can just invite your friends to get ready with you and be up there by yourself"

Gone are the days when you HAVE to have someone standing with you during your wedding ceremony. Wedding parties have over time sort of just become the party crew that spends a little extra time with you on your wedding day. There’s no need to make it a formal type of thing where you designate your wedding parties and your maid of honor/best man if you don’t want to. It’s your wedding day so if you don’t want to focus on wedding parties when planning you don’t have to. Put that energy towards other aspects of your wedding day and enjoy the time with your favorite people on your wedding day itself !

4. Family Style Dinners

"TBH, I prefer family style/buffet over plated. For us, it made more sense so we could offer our guests a few more options rather than just set meals.”

This can be a great option for your wedding depending on your venue and what they have available. With a family-style dinner or buffet you don’t have to worry about guests changing their minds on their food last minute. Guests can also serve themselves, have as much or little as they want, and typically get their food more quickly than if it is plated. This does depend on your venue though and what they have available so take that into account when planning your wedding day meals.

5. Start the Party Earlier

"Get dancing started as soon as possible"

Your wedding day is going to be full of wonderful, fun, and sentimental moments, but the most fun part of the day is almost always when everyone gets to let loose on the dance floor. With the more formal style of wedding traditions, it can take a while to get to this point though as your reception “has” to have things like speeches and toasts, or a cake cutting. If you want to skip that though and get to your party right after everyone has been fed no one is stopping you ! Talk with your partner when planning your wedding reception about what the two of you want to do and cut out any extra things you feel aren’t necessary to your celebration.

6. Spread Out the Speeches

"This may be controversial, but speeches are overrated. We had our speeches during the rehearsal dinner as it was more intimate and sped up the dinner service."

This goes along with the previous point and I LOVE the idea of having your speeches during your rehearsal dinner. Some people can struggle with public speaking, so having your speeches in a more intimate setting can be more comfortable and meaningful. It also allows you to get onto the dance floor earlier, which again I love !

7. Wear What You Want

"I wish I did an outfit change to something way more comfy for the dancing"

Do you love your wedding dress but dread the idea of trying to dance and spend an entire night in it? Opt for an outfit change after your ceremony into something more fun and comfortable ! Your wedding day and reception are meant to be fun and enjoyable through and through, don’t feel like you have to wear your wedding dress the entire day if you don’t want to. Talk about this with your partner when planning your wedding day so that you can set aside some time for an outfit change if you’d like without throwing a wrench in the day !

Your wedding day is meant to be YOUR perfect day, not your mother’s or your aunt’s, yours. Think about these wedding planning tips and apply the ones you like to your wedding day, if you have other ideas on how to make your wedding day personal to you I’d love to hear them ! Head over to my contact page to inquire with me as your wedding photographer and we can plan out a wedding day perfect for YOU together !

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