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4 Reasons to Split Your Wedding Day Coverage | Nicole + Nick

Nick and Nicole had the SWEETEST intimate ceremony at Headwaters Conservation Park - Elburn, IL. Over the course of planning their wedding, I have become SUCH good friends with these two. I know we will definitely hang out even after the galleries have been delivered. There's nothing I love more than clients turned friends !

Bride and groom at Headwaters Conservation Park Wedding

Nick and Nicole had decided to split their wedding day coverage between the ceremony and reception and let me say I am all about it. Not only do I get to see them twice, but they also get the best of both worlds ! A super intimate ceremony and a bigger reception on a later date.

Getting Ready

Nicole took her time getting ready with her family the morning of their wedding. She had her hair done by STL Makeup and Artistry and then put on her finishing touches surrounded by family. She purchased her dress from Davids Bridal.

Father sees bride at Headwaters Conservation Park Wedding

Bride and brother hug at Headwaters Conservation Park Wedding

The Ceremony

Nick and Nicole decided to split their wedding day coverage and have their wedding ceremony and their wedding reception on two separate dates. Prior to covid, this practice was not as common, but, the more that I am seeing it I am honestly here for it. There are SO many benefits to separating your ceremony from your reception and it’s creating so much freedom for couples as they navigate their wedding.

Wedding party arriving at Headwaters Conservation Park Wedding

Why You Might Want to Split your Reception and Ceremony

Thinking about splitting up your wedding day coverage? Here are some reasons why it might be for you.

Headwaters Conservation Park Illinois Wedding ceremony

1. More portraits

One of the more obvious reasons you might want to split up your wedding day is that you have a lot more options for wedding day portraits as well as a lot more time. While you might only get to spend 30 minutes tops with your spouse on a traditional wedding day taking portraits, you could literally spend an hour or two doing your favorite things together and taking some epic portraits after your intimate ceremony.

2. Calm the Nerves

Does the idea of saying your vows and getting married in front of one hundred people make you anxious? With your ceremony and reception split between different days, you can have a more intimate crowd on your ceremony day than you would if you had your ceremony and reception together. It makes for a lot more intimate and grounded experience so you can focus on your soon-to-be spouse !

Ring exchange at Headwaters Conservation Park wedding

First kiss at Headwaters Conservation Park wedding

3. Break Up the Costs

If you’re using the same vendors for both dates, it will also break up some of the costs that go into your wedding day. Payment plans will be more spread out and you will be able to have more time to budget for your reception without having to hold off on the getting married part.

Newly weds at Headwaters Conservation Park wedding

4. You get the best of both worlds

An intimate ceremony and lunch with your closest friends and family, followed by an epic celebration the following year? COUNT ME IN ! It really can’t get better than that. You will be able to get much more quality time with your top-of-the-line people at your intimate ceremony and then you’ll be able to relax and party at your reception with your favorite people one year later if you split the two.

Bride and groom portraits at Headwaters Conservation Park wedding

Newly weds at Headwaters Conservation Park wedding

Are you are on the fence about an intimate wedding day or a larger wedding day? Splitting your coverage could be the answer you were looking for ! If this sounds like it's up your alley and you're looking for a photographer fill out my contact form here and let's get to work !

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