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my favorite weekend getaways in Wisconsin

One of my favorite weekend getaway places in Wisconsin is actually called Getaway! here is there website: Technically, they have these in alot of states, but if you're in Wisconsin, you're in luck, there is one just outside of Milwaukee :) Imagine camping, but with all the amenities you could need, a small kitchen, bed, table and a small bathroom. We have done this a few times and it is always a great break from the real world.

Another fan favorite for a more expensive and luxury weekend getaway is Hidden Serenity. This is the cutest bed and breakfast with a spa attached that I have ever seen. Imagine getting to live out your favorite Gilmore Girls moments in the coziest bed and breakfast ever!

Finally, downtown Kenosha (here me out), I may be a little biased, but they have two beautiful boutique hotels you can stay at, and so many amazing coffeeshops (4 within walking distance), bars, restaurants and shops! Don't sleep on Kenosha ;)

Whether you need a little break from wedding planing, wanting a place to celebrate your love or engagement or want a mini moon idea, any of these places are great places to spend a long weekend at!


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