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Midwest Honeymoon Guide: Where to go and What to do

Though it might not be the natural “go-to” honeymoon location, I have to go out on a limb here though and say that the Midwest is one of the best places in the country for honeymooning. The Midwest has a wide variety of locations and vibes to it that lend themselves well to almost any couple, no matter what you’re looking for. If you’re thinking about honeymooning in the Midwest but aren’t sure on where to go, then you’re in luck. I put this list together to help get you started on planning out your own Midwest honeymoon !

Why Honeymoon?

Wedding planning is stressful. Between the shower, the parties, and the wedding night itself, there is a LOT of energy that goes into your wedding. After your wedding, you and your partner are going to be tired and craving some alone time. Ending your wedding with some time just the two of you, even if it’s a small getaway will help you to slow down and soak in everything that leads up to that point.

Your wedding kickstarts the rest of your life with your lover and it is going to FLY BY. This is why you want to close out the experience with some time just the two of you. A honeymoon is the perfect way to do this as it’s an excuse to get away from the real world and celebrate this huge moment in both of your lives, remember you just got freaking married !

Where to go

So now that you’ve decided to go on a honeymoon it’s time to pick out where you want to go. If you’re looking to honeymoon in the Midwest there are a lot of possible answers to the question of “where should we go” and there’s really no wrong answer. There are SO many cool places in the Midwest to honeymoon at, so this is just the tip of the iceberg, but here are some of my favorite spots in the Midwest.

Chicago, Illinois

Sweet home Chicago, though I live in the suburbs I do have a lot of love for the windy city and I’m sure anyone who’s been here can understand why. Chicago is the PERFECT location for a Midwest honeymoon ! There are so many different things to do in the city, your stay will be jam-packed filled with all different types of activities. From classic tourist spots like the Bean, the Chicago Theater, and shopping on Michigan Avenue, to a night on the town with some deep dish pizza from Lou Malnati's and a stop at one of the many amazing bars and breweries in the city. There will be PLENTY of new experiences for you and your spouse to share together as newlyweds.

Known for its history, arts and its nightlife, Galena Illinois is an incredible choice for an intimate Midwest honeymoon. Located in the very Northwest corner of Illinois what Galena lacks in size it makes up for in charm and character. With art galleries and craft shops to tap into your creative side, plenty of spas to relax and unwind at, numerous historic monuments and outdoor locations, bars and breweries with live music to enjoy, and much more there is really something for everyone to enjoy. If you’re looking for a more intimate answer to your “where should I honeymoon in the Midwest” question, consider Galena. It really is the hidden gem of Illinois.

Yes, the Wisconsin Dells is known as the waterpark capital of the world, but it also has SO much more to offer. With plenty of lakes nearby, hiking trails to explore, restaurants, bars, movie theaters, water shows, concerts, and so much more it’s easy to see there is no shortage of things to do in the Wisconsin Dells. The Dells are a great option to honeymoon for the couple that’s wanting to get out and do something new every day. Rent a cottage on the lake, head to the Wilderness for a waterpark stay, or hit the trails for a great hike! Believe me when I say you won’t run out of things to do while you’re there.

Saugatuck Michigan is a gorgeous lakefront destination located on the shore of Lake Michigan. Perfect for any couple wanting to slow down and enjoy a more intimate and relaxed getaway for their midwest honeymoon. The lakefront town has a wide variety of things to do while you’re there. Saugatuck has a ton of small restaurants to try and some cute shops to check out giving it those awesome small town vibes, while also being close to SO many different parks, trails, and recreational centers. On top of that, there are TONS of cool Airbnb's in the area to choose from. It really is a special mix that is a great option for anyone considering a honeymoon in the Midwest.

Mackinac Island is located in between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron and offers a ton of variety when it comes to things you can do on your honeymoon. Boat tours, horse riding, fudge making, spa and massage parlors, hiking and biking trails, parasailing, the list goes on ! An island getaway for your honeymoon sounds like a dream to a lot of people, and when there’s this much to do and more while you’re there what’s not to love? Mackinac Island offers a ton of variety when it comes to things to do. All on an absolutely gorgeous island too, you can see why this should be a place you consider for your Midwest honeymoon.

Minnesota is home to quite a few gorgeous lakefront locations, it is the land of lakes after all. Nothing quite compares though to the amazing views and outdoor adventures you can have around Duluth. Located way north on the shore of Lake Superior, Duluth is a city located in the prime location for anyone that likes that mix of city life and outdoor adventure. Duluth offers an incredible downtown full of bars, breweries and fun shops for a night out on the town. It’s also within driving distance to a ton of great hiking trails and camping spots if you’re looking to get a little more outdoorsy. Duluth is a great choice for any couple wondering where they can find a honeymoon spot in the midwest where they can enjoy both a vibrant city life and an exciting outdoor adventure.

What to do?

Ultimately choosing where to go for your honeymoon is going to come down to what you’re looking to do ! Do you want to go out on adventures outdoors and hike some incredible trails? Or are you looking for more of a city vibe with some good food and awesome nightlife? Or maybe you want a mixture of the two. Luckily if you and your spouse like different types of activities there are LOTS of places that offer a wide variety.

Choosing where to have your honeymoon can be difficult, as there are SO MANY OPTIONS ! Luckily the midwest has so many of those great options close to home. Your honeymoon is to celebrate you and your marriage, so when you choose make sure there are things to do that you'll both love.

If you're looking to have some of your honeymoon adventures documented schedule a newlywed session on your honeymoon ! Take some photos in your wedding gear, or of you two adventuring on your trip. It is the PERFECT opportunity to have some photos done as well as schedule a fun date night for the two of you. Head to my contact page, and tell me ALL about your plans I’d love to get to know you and be a part of your special trip !


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