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How to Prepare for a Winter Engagement Session in Wisconsin

When planning your engagement session it can be hard to know where to start. Between finding your photographer, planning out locations and activities, setting a date and time for your session, and everything in between there is A LOT to keep track of. Now add in the planning needed for having your engagement session in the winter in Wisconsin between clothing, staying warm, and preparing for the weather, and planning can feel a little overwhelming. I’m here to tell you though that a winter session in Wisconsin is SO worth it, and when you plan it out and know what to expect winter engagement sessions are some of the most fun types of engagement sessions. To show you what I mean here’s a full breakdown of how you can prepare for your winter Wisconsin engagement session !

Winters in Wisconsin

If you’re from Wisconsin or the Midwest in general you know just how cold our winters can get. Below-freezing temperatures are the norm, and when you factor in the windchill, time of day, and which part of winter we’re in it can often reach below zero. That’s why when planning for your winter engagement session in Wisconsin it is SO important that you pack and prepare for your session.

Plan for the Weather

Wisconsin winters can be extremely cold and if you’re not used to them can really catch you off guard. Planning out and packing accordingly for your engagement session is so important for making your time out in Wisconsin’s winter more comfortable and enjoyable. Earmuffs are perfect to keep your ears warm, while not messing up your hair like a beanie would. Hand and feet warmers are also something I highly recommend in addition to warm gloves and wool socks.

Your hands, feet, ears and nose are the first parts of your body to start feeling the cold, so keep them as warm as possible to keep yourselves comfortable for your session. I highly recommend these electric hand warmers for any winter session, or regular hand warmers are also great. It’s hard to keep your nose warm unless you use a scarf, so pack along some powder to cover up a red nose before your photos. Lastly you’ll want to pack a coat for your session whether you plan to wear it for your photos or not. If you do plan on taking your coat off for your photos opt for a v b one with a zipper rather than buttons to make it easier to put on and take off.

Balance Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

One of my favorite ways to combat the Wisconsin winter weather is to mix in a good amount of indoor and outdoor photos during your engagement session. Having the option of an indoor space to warm up and take a break in is a HUGE plus for a winter session. As an added bonus if you use an indoor location like a coffee shop, brewery, or restaurant you can warm up with some food or drinks and get some extra photos inside with you two snuggling and sipping your hot cocoa ! Some of my favorite indoor locations in Wisconsin include Stone Creek Coffee in Milwaukee, Broken Bat Brewery Co in Milwaukee, and The Buzz Cafe in Kenosha.

Tips to Enhance Your Photos

As important as it is to plan and prepare for your winter session there are actually some things you can do to enhance your session and your photos. Firstly if you do plan to wear your winter coats during your session, even just for part of it, you can match your coats with one another or have them match your outfits to give them that little extra flair. Next you can plan an activity for you two to take part in to give your session a bit more variety and flair. Things like ice skating, drinking hot cocoa, building a snowman, or having the last part of your session at home in front of the fire are great ways to give your session that little something extra !

A winter engagement session in Wisconsin is one of the most magical sessions you can have. It truly does make it worth it to brave the cold and the snow to capture yourselves and who you are at this incredibly exciting point in your lives! Starting to plan your own engagement session but not set on your photographer yet? Head over to my contact page here and we can start planning your session together !

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