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Fort Sheridan beach engagement session | Sharon + Humberto

Sharon and Humberto’s engagement session at Fort Sheridan beach was SO much fun and so romantic ! When Sharon and Humberto reached out to me to plan their engagement sessions, they let me know how important these photos were to them. You see, Sharon and Humberto are in a long distance relationship. Humberto is in the military, so this engagement sessions was during one of the last times he would be in Illinois prior to their wedding day this summer !

Fort Sheridan Engagement Session

Sharon and Humberto knew they wanted to be by the water for their session so Fort Sheridan beach was a perfect location for them. We started their engagement session out on the beach where we were able to run around and have some fun. Fort Sheridan beach in the spring or fall is a great location because of the lack of people that are out and about. It gives you the opportunity to have the space to yourself.

Starting out on the water we had a blast walking along the shore getting to know one another and having fun while taking photos.

Tips for Beach Engagement Sessions

1. Have your session in off months

In the dead of summer, know that it might be challenging to find a space where there aren’t people in the background, so think about having your session in the off months. Weekdays in the spring or early fall are perfect for doing a session because most kids are back in school and there are a lot less people around.

2. Have your session in the morning

If you do want those summer vibes for your session, consider having your beach engagement session at sunrise instead of sunset ! Having your session at sunrise you will run into far less people and you will have plenty of space to goof around with your lover and have some fun.

3. Where the proper shoes

When choosing your shoes for your beach engagement session, it’s important to make sure that you wear shoes that either will not allow sand to get in them, or be willing to take them off for part of the session to empty them out. The last thing you want is to be walking around with sand in your shoes irritating you when you should be having fun !

4. Go with what you’re comfortable with

There is a LOT going on when it comes to engagement photos at somewhere like a beach. I highly encourage my couples to do what makes them comfortable during their session. If that means splashing around in the water together I'm all for it. If you want to walk hand in hand down the beach together let's do it. I'm here to capture your love in a way that feels like you !

Sharon and Humberto's engagement session on the beach of Fort Sheridan was truly one of the most special engagement sessions I've been a part of. I loved being able to capture this moment between these two amazing people. If you're looking for a photographer for an engagement session of your own head to my contact page and send me an inquiry !

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