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A Look at my Client Experience as a Kenosha Wedding Photographer

As I have grown my business the past couple of years, I have been able to really develop a sense of style in both the photos you receive after your wedding day, along with your client experience. In developing my sense of self as a photographer and business owner, I have found myself OBSESSED with creating a fun and intimate experience for each of my clients throughout their session or their wedding day. Some might call it my “area of geekery” as it is all I am thinking about when documenting the sweet and intimate moments of your wedding day. In this blog we are diving into this area of geekery of mine and a look at my client experience as a Kenosha wedding photographer.

More than a Wedding Photographer

Preparation for Your Wedding Day

I've been a wedding photographer long before I moved to Kenosha, but my client experience has always been immensely important to me. As we prepare for your wedding day, not only do I work to prepare myself for your wedding, but I also work to make sure that you and your partner feel prepared as you approach your day ! This is why I take the time to schedule meetings (plural) prior to the wedding to make sure that we have established that rapport and friendship that my clients absolutely love. This definitely came from my teaching background and my love of connecting with the people I work with whether they be wedding clients, students, or staff !

Establishing this connection opens up communication and makes it easier for you and your partner to express any needs or wants with me as you approach your day. Along with a line of communication, this also helps you and your partner to loosen up in front of me, making your wedding day a breeze ! After all, as your wedding photographer I will end up spending the majority of your wedding day with you !

Experience Over Everything

Like I said before, even before I moved to Kenosha my client experience has been a HUGE part of my business as a wedding photographer. Yes, your photos are important, but even more important is the experience of your wedding day. You only get to live through your wedding day once, so as your wedding photographer, I want to guide you through your experience and make sure you have the best experience possible.

In order to make sure you’re comfortable in front of the camera, I need you to know that I will be your support system the day of your wedding. You need someone to bustle you, I got you, you need a tissue or water, let me get it. Leaning on me throughout your wedding day will free up your mind so that you can be present in your photos and experience your wedding day with a clear mind.

Photography Prompts

In order to create these natural scenarios for you and your partner on your wedding day, I base my weddings on prompting vs posing. Posing is where a photographer has you hold a position with your partner in order to create an image or a photo. Prompting(what I use on your wedding day) is your photographer giving you an action or an activity to do with your partner in order to initiate a certain response. For example I really like making my clients laugh and have fun while creating a less stressful environment on their wedding day.

So when we are taking couples portraits, I might ask you and your partner to run towards the camera together, to play a game of eye spy with one another, or put your foreheads together and talk about your favorite moment from your wedding day so far. Prompts like these give you the opportunity to be more present with your partner and focused on each other, rather than having all of your attention on your wedding photographer.

Kenosha Wedding Photographer

My Wedding Photography Style

When documenting your wedding day, along with being your support system I will also act as a guide throughout your day. As a wedding photographer, I have literally seen it ALL. Thus as we are moving through your wedding day I will be able to help direct you and your family, wedding party and partner in a way that feels natural and prioritizes your experience. Your wedding day will be filled with a balanced mix of documentary style photography and “look at the camera” photos. I know those in between moments matter, but, I also know you want photos with some of your favorite people.

Working as a Team

Your experience and comfort on your wedding day is my highest priority, that’s why prior to your wedding day we will work as a team to create a family photos list as well as a timeline. These are both complementary services that I provide as a Kenosha wedding photographer to create an experience that is effortless for myself as well as you the client. Along with your family photo list and timeline, we will go over your priorities on your wedding day, and I will also use my expertise and wedding experience to help you create a wedding day that fits your vision.

My client's wedding day experience is something that I take very seriously as a photographer and something that has been a part of my business long before I moved to Kenosha. To get a glimpse at what I mean check out some of my reviews from past clients here ! This is your wedding day and I want you to have the best experience possible for it. Being able to use the experience I have to help make your day run as smoothly as possible is what I'm here to do, along with capture amazing photos of your day ! Speaking of which if you're in need of a photographer for your wedding head to my contact page here and we can get to planning !

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