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5 Ways to Incorporate More You Time into Your Wedding Day

You’ve been planning your wedding day for MONTHS, you might be a little nervous, you’re probably EXTREMELY excited, but believe it or not, your wedding day is going to FLY by. The number one regret my couples have from their wedding day is not planning in any alone time for the two of them throughout their wedding day ! There are so many positives that come with planning in alone time into your wedding day. Time between you and your soon to be life partner set aside on your wedding day gives you the opportunity to soak in the day, reflect on everything that you’ve experienced in your day thus far, and spend time getting hyped about everything else that is to come. Here are five different ways to plan in alone time for you and your lover on your wedding day.

The Morning of

More often than not, couples do still get ready without one another on their big day, BUT I am seeing more and more couples spending time alone with one another prior to their day beginning ! Whether they are walking to their favorite breakfast restaurant the morning of, having some coffee together in the kitchen, or just taking their time crawling out of bed there are SO many great moments to be had with one another before all the festivities of the morning begin. Making time for the two of you to be alone together the morning of your wedding day is such a sweet and intimate way to start your day and a great way to spend some time together before the events of the day !

First Look

First looks have become more and more mainstream for weddings throughout the US. A first look is where you and your partner set aside some time to have an intimate moment alone, all dressed up and ready for your wedding day BEFORE the ceremony and other wedding festivities begin. Planning a first look gives you and your partner some time to love on one another and hype each other up for the rest of your wedding day festivities together without the pressure of guests watching your every move. Another great reason to schedule a first look into your wedding day, is that you and your partner can spend the rest of your wedding day together ! Whereas if you were to wait until your ceremony to see one another, you would only be able to spend half of your day or so together.

Mini Cocktail Hour

Planning a private cocktail hour into your wedding day is a great way to regroup after the hype of your ceremony and wedding party photos, and have a moment alone just the two of you. Your wedding venue can bring over some hors d'oeuvres for the two of you, you can sneak away to a private room for a couple of minutes. You can have the best time with your partner getting hyped for everything that is to come in your reception night !

Sunset Photos

Not only do sunset photos produce some of the most breathtaking photos of your wedding day, sunset photos also give you an opportunity for some alone time with your spouse to reflect on your wedding day so far and prepare to close out the day with one another. Sneak out for ten or fifteen minutes with your partner and your photographer to dance in the streets, explore your venue, or have a moment of peace and quiet with one another.

PRO TIP: If you’re not feeling sunset photos or your timeline doesn’t allow for them, opt for night time flash photos instead !

Last Dance

Planning a last dance into your wedding day gives you and your partner an opportunity to spend a little alone time together to close out your wedding night ! About 20 minutes before your DJ will end the evening, have them dismiss all of your guests so you and your spouse can have a moment before ending your wedding day. Play your first dance song or another great song and share a dance in your wedding venue with just the two of you to close out your wedding night.

Creating and incorporating some alone time for just the two of you into your wedding day can look like a lot of different things. It’s something I always recommend that my couples do though ! Your wedding day is going to go by so fast, creating these moments where you two can enjoy one another’s company alone and take it all in allows you to really enjoy your day to the fullest ! For more wedding day planning and timeline tips head to my blog and if you’re looking for some more examples of some of these tips in action head to my Instagram for some more wedding day goodies !


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