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12 Things to Pack for Your Wedding Flat Lay

When it comes to packing for your wedding day, one thing you will not want to forget about is packing for your wedding day flat lay. Your wedding day flat lay is such a fun way to start your wedding day as you can showcase so many things that make up your wedding day. From your wedding colors and invitations, to your wedding shoes and gifts to one another, there are SO many fun ways to get creative when creating your wedding day flat lay. Here are 12 of my favorites !

What is a Wedding Day Flat Lay

A wedding day flat lay is a collection of objects, arranged together prior to your wedding day for a photo. As of late, people have been getting more and more creative and fun with their flat lays, including all sorts of objects and wedding day details. I love wedding day flat lays because they can feature so many different things, and each feels wholly unique from wedding to wedding. While there are a TON of different things listed in this blog post, it's important to just include the items that have meaning to you in your flat lay. Make it personal and special to you and your love rather than overloading it with as many items as possible.

How to Pack Your Wedding Details

In the weeks leading up to your wedding day, find a box a little bigger than a shoe box and begin to gather your wedding day details. You will want to make sure you have all of these miscellaneous items together leading up to your wedding day. That when your wedding photographer and videographer arrives, you have everything together prepped and ready for them to document your wedding day details ! Once you arrive, if you have a lot of things going on, be sure to let someone in your wedding party know where this box is and that when your wedding photographer arrives they should pass it on to them. Be sure to clearly label the box as your details and have it ready to go !

What to Include in Your Wedding Day Flat Lay

Ribbon in Your Wedding Colors

Though not necessary, it does add a fun touch of color to your wedding day flat lay ! Having a ribbon or two in your wedding colors is a great way to incorporate those colors into your flat lay. This is especially great if the other items in your flat lay don’t include your wedding day colors. You can find Ribbons on Etsy to order that match your color.

Wedding Day Decorations

Include details from your wedding decorations into your flat lay ! Things like wood slices from your centerpieces, glassware, candles, really anything small you can think of that you’ll be using for your wedding day decorations. Avoid using anything too large as your flat lay has limited space.

Wedding Florals

Pro Tip ! If you don’t want to purchase flat lay florals separately, pull a boutonniere or two and your bouquet to include in your flat lay. It’s a great way to add some florals to your flat lay and will stay consistent with your wedding colors !

Jewelry and Your Wedding Rings

Any jewelry that you’re wearing on your wedding day can be included in your wedding day flat lay, and will create so much visual interest ! This also includes your rings as those are great focal points for your flat lay.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue

Anddddddd really any other family heirlooms that might be included in your wedding day ! Whether it’s your father’s tie, your mother’s necklace, or some other detail of your wedding day from your family, including these items in your flat lay gives it that extra personal touch.

Shoes and Other Accessories

If you’re obsessed with your shoes, your tie clip or your cufflinks, or any other details that you will wear on your wedding day, you can also include them in your flat lay. This is especially the case if you get personalized or custom accessories such as cufflinks with your dog’s faces on them !

Invitations and Save the Dates

Be sure to save a copy of your wedding invitation and save the date for your wedding day flat lay ! These days your save the dates and wedding invites are so creative and such a large part of the wedding experience that including them in your flat lay really adds to it.

Perfume and Cologne

Your wedding day scents make for such a beautiful addition to your wedding day flat lay. Their packaging is often beautiful in their own right so adding them to your flat lay is a nice touch.

Vow Books

Whether your wedding vows are scribbled on a piece of notebook paper or in a vow book, include them in your flat lay ! They are a beautiful addition and add a very real and personal touch to your flat lay.

Polaroids or Wedding Day Gifts

Polaroids from your wedding day weekend or gifts you’ve received from one another to wear on your wedding day are all great additions to your flat lay. These all add a great personal touch to your flat lay.

Your Veil

Your veil is a beautiful detail to add to your wedding day flat lay. It adds so much dimension and layering which is a ton of fun to work with and allows some real creativity to happen with your flat lay. It’s also a great way to incorporate your wedding day attire into your flat lay without using your whole dress if you don’t want to.

Other Details to Document

If you do want photos of your wedding dress before you put it on, make sure to pack a nice wooden hanger. Same goes for if you want your bridesmaids dresses photographed with your wedding dress, be sure to pack nice hangers for them as well !

I love getting creative with wedding day flat lays and I hope this list gets your brain flowing thinking about all the things you could include in yours ! Remember that this list isn’t definitive in that you need to have everything on it included in your flat lay. Include the items that mean the most to you and that you feel are a large part of your wedding day experience. If you’re having trouble deciding on what you should include in your own wedding day flat lay and you’re still in need of a photographer I’d love to help you brainstorm. Head to my contact page here and we can start planning together !


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