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My favorite questions to ask your photographer

  • What happens if you cannot make it the day of our wedding/event/shoot?

  • What will our gallery look like when we receive our photos, and how do we access it?

  • Why did you start photography?

  • Can you describe your style, both with editing and how you take photos?

  • Can we go over a timeline of events to get an idea of our coverage needs?

  • What is the quote for the timeline we are looking for?

  • Will you help style us if we need it for an engagement shoot or couples photos?

  • you can also ask for a previously delivered gallery :) Photographers should be able to send a gallery to you that they had already sent to give you an idea of what a full gallery looks like.

Do your research before reaching out to vendors, make sure you like the tones and colors that are in their photos and the way the photos look/are constructed. (Meaning where the couple is positioned in the photos etc) In my opinion no question is off limits to ask your photographers! If you have burning questions, make sure you ask them!


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