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City or Country Wedding?

So you just got engaged! Yayyy!! Now, the first thing you have to do is celebrate, duh! But after the commotion has gone down, it's time to pick a wedding venue. If you have already decided you want a more traditional wedding, you may be deciding between a city style wedding or a country style wedding!

Both have their pros and cons and heres my personal pro/con list of both!




  • typically more formal

  • more options for accommodations, eating out, and activities

  • can have a more diverse attire given the floor surfaces

  • more venue options to choose from

  • potentially more opportunity to get varied photo locations

  • typically more formal

  • usually parking is harder to come by

  • less outdoor options for wedding

  • more traffic, can cause delays in times for guests arriving


  • more available parking typically if you are having a lot of guests

  • less traffic

  • usually more options for indoor/outdoor settings

  • usually more laid back

  • typically a more affordable option

  • less local accommodations for guests to stay/eat/drink

  • usually more laid back

  • if you are getting married on a farm or farm style venue, oftentimes the floor can be dirt/gravel/grass which means heels are not the best choice

  • usually less photo variety- or would need to travel for photos

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